I Am In Love With Another Man

I cheated on my husband with a man ( boy) if you ask me....I am 27, he is 20...I have a husband and a son who is 18 months old. I have been friends with this man for about 14 months.....we are eachothers best friends....we even have matching tattoos....we are soulmates. I am madly in love with him and it sucks! When he made love to me it was MAGIC...better than anything I have ever felt.  He moved away recently to a different state about 8 hours away and when he left, he took half my heart with him. We don't talk as much because his job requires a lot of traveling to different states. It has been so hard for me to lose my best friend. I know that he doesn't want to call what we are doing "an affair" but you know it is....he still says he loves me when we talk on the phone... I just wanted to share this because the distance is killing me and I miss him so much.

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I really feel your pain. My wife and I have been married for a little over a year. And for about four months I had an affair. It was curiousity at first but then it became very emotional. Long story short when the truth came out I realized and so did he that we both had been telling lies. Alot of feelings were hurt. I miss his friendship and wish we never overstepped any boundaries:(

I feel for you, I'm still with my partner and I cheated for a year, the guy I cheated with has moved on and we haven't spoken in nearly 2 years, I miss him and still lOve him so much. But my partner is the stable, caring, affectionate guy who would do anything for me. Love is love and you can't help what the heart wants.

The 20 year old 'boy' in my book is too much of a boy to be making decisions for a mature lasting relationship so he will be leaving it up to you... the 'mature' one...?<br />
<br />
Everything is always rosy and the sex is always so fantastic without the responsibilities of socks and jocks of a committed relationship... the providing of a steady income and being a responsible mature father friend and husband looking after a family group...down the track things can turn pear shaped pretty quickly when realities collide with fantasy...... but who knows stranger things have happened...maybe in your case it will be different and go against all the past evidence in history that say the odds are against it being a successful long lasting relationship for you....

i'm in a similar sitiuation but i'm the one who travelled away, don't know what to do my husband is so much better than the one i love bt i do love the other guy don't know why but i know i do

I feel for you. I to had an affair 16 years ago. It is so hard. Even after all these years for me, I still love the other women, but she has moved on, and I've lost her forever. <br />
When your having an affair, It truly feels like magic. The other person, not your husband, gets the very best part of you. All the things of life ,everyday stuff, just goes away, and when your with the other man, the magic comes back. I stayed with my wife for the sake of my kids at the time, but the other women for me will always have my heart. I envy you at this time in your life. When you make love with the other man, nothing compares to it. It really feels like the very best thing ever. Think long and hard about the future. If the other man is not 100% stable in the working world, or in his work, etc.etc, And your husband now is, and he is very responsible, than that my be what holds you to your husband now. If you don't end up with your boyfriend, just remember, nobody can ever take away what you've already had with him. But just remember, Love true love may only come by once in a life time. <br />
I hope this helped you out, Ron

HUGs - I know this is hard, but you need to decide what you are going to do. Stay or go// Does your hubby know??