My First Time As An Adulterous Wife

I lost my virginity to my husband when I was 15. He was only my second boyfriend. My first one I only kissed and engaged in gentle 'petting',  I never even felt his penis. I had our first child with Jim when I was 16, we got married when I was 18 and he was 20. We had 3 more children by the time I was 25 and then Jim had a vasectomy even though I loved being pregnant and would have been happy to have more.  I am considered to be a very attractive woman and have always been noticed and appraised by men.. For my part although, I would make an opinion whether a man was good looking or not, that was it, I love my husband and he was all I needed or wanted,.As far as I was concerned our sex life was great, we made love at least twice a week and I found time to ********** at least that amount if not more. We love oral sex and I even swallow, I love the taste of his ***..I have a number of sex toys and they all get regular workouts. All in all I felt we had a very good sex life, it was all I required and I most definitely did not feel I had been 'left out" even though Jim had been my only lover. 

When I was 44 and we had been married for 26 years  that all changed.

Jim is a very friendly guy and has lots of friends. He plays on hockey and baseball teams and quite often has "the boys" over to our house for drinks, playing poker or watching sports on TV.  This has gone on for years and he has quite a few regular good friends and others that come and go. I have never paid too much attention and quite often ignored them.  

Jim was working 12 hour shifts and one evening he left at around 7:30pm to work the 8pm until 8am shift.  Since it was a Friday night and I did not have to work the next day, I decided to drink some wine and party with myself...I took off my clothes and changed into my long flannel night shirt, (it goes almost to my knees), leaving my panties on.  I opened a bottle of red and I was just finishing my 3rd glass when the door bell rang..When I got up to answer it the wine kinda rushed to my head and I was a little bit light headed.  At the door was Emmit, a newer friend of my husbands'.. He was holding a six pack and wanted to come in and drink with Jim...When I told him that Jim was working he asked to come in anyways, we could have a couple drinks together and anyways he wife wasn't expecting him home for a few hours and he really didn't want to go home right away...I thought "what harm could it do?..I would like the company instead of drinking alone"....

Emmit came in and I sat on the couch while he poured me another glass of wine..He sat down beside me and cracked open a beer...As we drank I found him to be very amusing, telling stories that very often elicited laughter..I felt myself quite at ease with this man and I was enjoying his company immensely...It also didn't hurt that Emmit is extremely handsome!!..I hadn't really noticed but he had moved closer to me and now had his hand on the top of the couch behind my neck..His stories had become a little more suggestive and as he talked he moved his hand to my neck and started to gently massage me..I should have stopped him right then but instead I bent my head forward and shifted so he could get better access,..He started to use both hands massaging my neck and shoulder through my night shirt,,,It felt wonderful and I was 'purring' with contentment...In spite of my good intentions I felt myself getting aroused..I was somewhat shocked when Emmit leaned and started to kiss my neck and shoulders...No man other than my husband had ever been so 'bold'...but I still didn't stop him...I had no intention to letting this go too far but it felt lovely and I was really enjoying the novel experience...As he was kissing me he ran his hand up and down the length of my back adding to the pleasure...I arched back towards him and he took advantage of my position to slide his hand in front of me and under the top of my night shirt.  His hand grasped my 36DD breast,,My nipple was already hard and he pinched it between his fingers,,,My nips are extremely sensitive and it is like they have a direct connection to my *****...I jerked involuntarily and I knew we had to stop right away...I turned to him to tell him to go but before I could he placed his lips on mine and kissed me...I was at a loss, I had been faithful to Jim for all those years and I fully intended to remain that way..I pushed Emmit back and told him to stop, we couldn't do anymore and I wanted him to leave now!!!  Emmit just pushed me back and kissed me again, this time more forcibly..He separated my lips with his tongue and attempted to force open my mouth...I have no idea why I did what I did but I freely opened up and allowed him to enter me with his large tongue..I used my tongue as well and we started 'frenching' like horny teenagers...As we were necking he was undoing my night shirt exposing my naked breasts to his touch..With his lips he worked his way from my face and neck to my breasts and nipples which he sucked and nibbled on..I held the back of his head and moaned...I was getting so turned on!!...Emmit's hand was making it's way to his ultimate goal and he slipped his hand under the elastic top of my panties and cupped my smooth shaven *****. (I been shaving my ***** for years, Jim likes it that way!)..  I lifted my hips and spread my legs pushing up against his hand.  He grabbed hold of my ***** lips and roughly pulled them away from my vagina..He was able to rub and twist my hard engorged **** sending shock waves of pleasure through my body...But when he inserted a finger into me, I suddenly remembered my husband, my vows,...I had to stop this now!!!

I shouted "no, stop, I don't want to!!!" and I clenched my legs together forcing his hand out from between them...Emmit said "oh, really, Julie"..." now be a good girl and open those legs again, I AM going to **** you!!!"...Using a combination of his hands and his knees he forced my legs apart again...He grabbed the top of panties and told me to help get them off..I gave in to the inevitable and lifted my hips and we pulled them off together...My night shirt was totally unbuttoned and I leaned forward to take it off,  leaving me completely naked...Emmit pulled off his sweater and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees...I knew that I was about to get screwed by this man and I wasn't really sure how to feel..I think the most prevalent thought at that moment was that I did want it and was anxious to 'get on with it'...When I saw his erect penis I couldn't believe how different it was from my husbands....Emmits' looked huge in comparison...It was somewhat longer than Jims, but what was the biggest difference was how big around it was!!  Whereas Jims was like a short skinny carrot, Emmits was like a big long soda can...I thought that there was no way I would be able to have that in me without causing pain and damage. 

Emmit leaned forward and rubbed the head of his penis up and down my very wet slit..He told me to put it in and to my shame with one hand I spread my ***** lips and with the other I put the head at the entrance to my vagina...I lifted my hips a little and he slowly slid it into my channel..I thought that because of his size it would hurt but I was surprised that instead of hurting his penis stretched and filled me with exquisite pleasure.."Oh, yes" I exclaimed!!!..All thoughts of being the faithful wife had left my mind entirely and I just wanted to have sex... My body was filled with another man's penis and it felt sooo friggin good!!!..As soon as he was firmly in place he began to hammer me at a frantic pace, pushing me into the couch...I wrapped my legs around him and I started to talk dirty...I don't usually do that but this whole experience was totally out of character...I began to chant, "**** me, **** me baby, **** me"...It wasn't long before I felt him tense up and then shudder, shouting out that he was *******!!.  I pulled on his tight *** causing his penis to remain buried in me as far as it could while he jerked and emptied his *** deep in my womb...

He collapsed on top of my sweaty body with his penis still inside of my ***** when it hit me like a sledgehammer...after all these years of being faithful...having only one man touch me intimately...having only my husband ever screw me,,,I had let a man I barely knew change all that!!!.. I had let someone else screw me and unload his *** inside my body....OMG I couldn't believe I had done this and I burst out in tears, totally overwhelmed with my actions...I pushed Emmit off me and put my hands over my traitorous '****'...Emmit knelt beside me as I sobbed...He stroked my hair and shushed me saying "it's alright Julie, it's alright"...I eventually calmed down and he asked where the bedroom was, we should lay down and relax...I agreed with him and lead him to my bed where we laid down naked and embraced... He hugged me while I buried my face in his muscular chest...His hands ran slowly up and down my back relaxing me further and I began to feel much better about what we had done...I was warming to his touch and believe it or not I was slowly getting aroused again.  I raised up my head and we met with a passionate kiss...Now I was definitely getting horny and I knew that without any doubt I wanted his penis inside of me again!!!... I pushed him onto his back and grasped his now erect penis...It was so wide that I couldn't come close to encircling it with my fingers and it was indeed at least a couple inches longer than my husbands...I straddled Emmit and put his penis at the entrance to my *****...Slowly I slid down his slippery shaft until I had him all the way in me...He filled me up more than I ever have been before with the exception of childbirth!!!..I moved up and down on his shaft slowly at first, luxuriating with the feeling and I began to pick up the pace, bringing myself almost off him and then banging down hard....I started to move my hips back and forth so that my **** was rubbing on him...I grabbed both breasts and twisted and pulled them...I licked and bit them, causing me to start building to my ******...I leaned forward so that Emmit could maul my breasts and I dug my finger nails into his chest...I was close to ******* and I frantically ground my **** against him while being filled to capacity with his huge penis...An overwhelming ****** began to hit me...I screamed out my pleasure "oh ****, yes,yes yes, oh ****!!!"...I came and I came and I came...I dug deep in his chest, My ***** clenched his penis like a vice, my whole body spasmed, I saw blotches of colour, I threw my head back and yelled "oh my ******* God!!!"..I had never came like that before and I never have since!!!..As I laid on top of him, Emmit did his own pounding into me and shortly he came, unleashing a second load of *** into my unfaithful ****!!!

My pleasure was finished and all the guilty, remorseful feelings came rushing back into my head.  I rolled off him and facing away from him I curled into the fetal position..."Go, get out, Leave, you got what you wanted"..He put his hand on my shoulder.."Julie?"..."I told you go!!! Get the **** out of my house!!.. I shouted!!...He got off my 'matrimonial' bed and I heard the door close when he left...OMG what had I done???  Although it was probably the best sex I had ever had in my life, what would be the consequences?, would Jim find out?, ..would my marriage be ruined?. ..If my chidren found out, would they hate me?...Did I want MORE extra-marital sex??...these and many other thoughts rebounded in my head...

I got up to clean up and when I got into the bathroom I saw that I was a complete mess...My hair was all tangled...any makeup left was smeared...I had several bruises and hickeys on my neck and breasts (cover up did conceal them enough that my husband didn't notice)...My ***** was tender, red and swollen and there was dried *** on my inner thighs...There would be no doubt in anyone's mind that I had been thoroughly ******!!..I had a shower and then pulled off the bedding and threw it and my clothes into the wash..Other than the smell off sex, it would not do to have my husband notice the black curly pubes that Emmit may have left...I am brunette, my husband is a fair skinned white man and Emmit is very much a black man!!

When finished I laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling...My mind was a mess...After a bit I thought that the best thing to do was to pretend that it did't happen and not repeat it again...I would keep it a secret!!

This event occurred some 10 years ago and since that time my thoughts and resovle certainly did change!!

There are many more stories about those years that I will relate as I have opportunity to.


Julie L
adulteruswife adulteruswife
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Really. .... Fairly written nice

In many ways that is similar to what my wife did, except it was not with a black man. It was with my best friend, Greg in his cabin while hubby was sleeping….. (later I found out that hubby WAS awake and that he heard ALL of it…)

That's hot.

Excellent experience... I liked the way you have described the transformation... how despite our bonds, we flow with the current... and the situation...


Loved the story!

Nice fantasy, now get yourself a husband.

Some humans are really weren't very nice with the guy who had given your **** the best ****** ever. Not very erotic to be thrown out after the lady milked your balls treated him like a *****. Not fun.

This is a fake story.

I'll trust you on that. I'm personally tired of reading stories where husbands always have skinny carrots for ***** while lovers are all built like warriors with soda cans between their legs. Sure!

please send more I want to know about the next time it happen to you you can email me at

Thank you I enjoyed that story

You were donefore when he pinched your nipple. Bet you he brings a couple of friends next time, oh they will have fun with you.

What a story, it is a story of not only the sexual encounter but story of emotion, feelings and seduction, thanks for sharing

I understand the feelings. You definitely want and need more **** and to be ****** differently, and at the same time you don't want to face the complications of an affair. It's easy: get your husband to take part in a ********* with another man and you as the dish. Or a foursome with another couple, so his penis can have some fun too...

Wowzers! ... Feel speechless for a moment. I find myself in your story at the moment with minor differences. I could be seen as 'Emmit'; the woman I'm having an affair with had never received anything bigger than me even though she had over a dozen lovers before she got married almost ten years ago. The very first time 'it' happened she actually confessed it was the best she ever experienced! And believe it or not, so it was for me. She was the second woman I have been with at age thirty, but in nothing could her glorious ***** be compared with my first experience. She is the ***** bomb!! And this was the beginning of what I can't wait to see reflected in your ensuing stories although my adventures with this fantastic woman have just started. Love the details, great writing, a plum 'job'!


meow you are one real hot kitty and Iwould have wanted you for a wife anytime

I love your story and get turned on by it. Later I told her she could see him again and she did about 5 or 6 times that I know of. His **** is almost 9" long and it is super thick. OMG she breathed so hard and came so hard that my jealousy and fear turned to horniness and I DID NOT WANT THEM TO STOP.

Something like that happened to my wife, except that Greg seduced and ****** her on the couch in his cabin while THEY THOUGHT I WAS SLEEPING. I HEARD IT ALL.

That was an intensely HOT story. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing. I often fantasize about my wife doing something like this.


Glad you still **** your husband. Many white wives are turned off by their husbands dicks after getting stretched & made a woman of. Do you allow your lovers to **** you bareback ?

I'd call you a vaseline queen, but I strongly suspect you are a 13 year old boy who is writing stories for the entertainment of his buddies. Go work on your science project, or otherwise find something useful to do.

add me :D

Sometimes our harmones go into overdrive, and drowns out the values that we want to live by. I very much enjoyed your story, and look forward to further adventures of yours.

But now you're getting old and more close to the hell because of your unfaithful. Sorry, my english is bad.

What an amazing story. I really felt your emotions, both joyous and shame; you are quite a good writer. thank you for sharing.

Where's the story that follows this where neither you nor your husband can any longer feel each other when attempting to have intercourse? It can happen and does and the next thing you know the adulterer is on the street trying to earn enough money in order to feed and house herself.<br />
The black guy? He's on the Maury show telling the host : Dat baby don't be mine!<br />
All twenty of mah babies look alike!!

Great story. It must have been on your mind constantly for days. It would be interesting to see what followed..

It sounds like you had one of the most erotic experiences of your life. I bet you looked beautiful being fulfilled like that.

do you what is the difference between animal and human being?animal can go with whomever its want to mate with,,but human being should intercourse only with their soulmate,,,CONTROL your feelings and try to be an dedicated and a true wife .when you feel like committing mistake just distract your thought by involving in some other activity,,,but i appreciate you for being openminded lady,,sorry if i have hurted youuuu...

Wow great hot story thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading it.

Hi Julie, Thank you for sharing your story. Very well written, quite articulate in fact and so erotic!! Bravo!

Very Hot Julie :)

It's bullshit. Another beat off story from the 300 lbs. losers. Hey dude, does your mom know you're on this site?

That experience happened ten years ago and since that time I have had 6 other lovers and about 10 one night stands...I don't care about skin color too much but I have a very fair complexion (natural blond with white skin and freckles ) and when I am screwing a black man the contrast in skin color just adds to the experience :-)<br />
Julie L

Wow! HOT and Steamy...I love how u didn't reveal he was a black man till the end...hope to follow you here, omg, as you say.