My Best Friend's Husband

I have never written a story for this or any other site before, but I wanted to share to someone what I have been involved with over the past few months.

It started a couple of months ago. I had a friend, my best friend in fact, get married to a guy (Adam) that I had not known. They had dated for a little over a year, but he was in the military deployed overseas. I had seen pictures of him and had even chatted with him online with her (they met online). He was cute to say the least, but I didn’t give it a second thought. I was, after all, married to a guy that means the world to me. I love my friend dearly and really was just enjoying watching her get to know this guy, and seeing her happy was great.

Adam returned home two weeks prior to their wedding. My friend was so excited and wanted all of us to have a big celebration dinner and party. The party was to be at my and my husband’s house. Sara (my best friend) and Adam met my husband and me, as well as several other people, at a local pizza/wing/beer pub for the dinner. Adam and Sara walked up to me and Sara introduced me. As I looked at Adam I was struck by his muscular frame. He is over 6’ tall and roughly 200 lbs (I am 5’3” and 115). He has crystal blue eyes and a smile that is both warm and inviting. Adam stuck out his hand and shook mine and we pulled each other into the ‘non-sexual’ half hug thing. I am not sure what happened in that instant, but I knew at that very moment I was in trouble.

We all spent the next 2 or so hours in the pub eating, drinking, laughing, and having a great time. I was fixated on Adam and I knew he knew it. He didn’t seem to mind at all, and on more than one occasion tipped his beer mug to me and winked. We were not really any closer than 10 or so feet from each other at the restaurant (we sat on opposite sides of the table, and down from one another some). We all were leaving the pub to pile into our cars and head to our house to continue the evening, when Adam motioned me to exit the restaurant before him by holding the door open for me. As I passed him, he took his free hand (the hand not holding the door open) and lightly brushed my hip as I passed. I casually turned around and there he was winking again.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but I knew that I was dripping wet thinking about him. Driving home I made a conscious decision. I told myself that I would test him to see if he was being a nice guy and harmlessly flirting, or if he had ulterior motives. I want to say that I was going to test him for my friend’s benefit, but the truth is I wasn’t going to tell her regardless of the outcome. I wanted to know if I had interested him the way he had me. They arrived at the party shortly after I did, and we all were gathered out in the back yard. In the course of the initial small talk my husband offered to show Adam our house. Our house isn’t huge, but it’s two stories and he loves to show off his garage with all of his ‘man toys’. I spent a few minutes with the girls, and then excused myself to the upstairs bathroom, telling Sara that I wanted to get out of my dress and into more casual clothes because I was cold. I also knew that the upstairs bathroom had a vent that allowed me to hear everything in the garage so I knew when they would be coming out of the garage and heading upstairs on the house tour.

I listened to my husband and Adam talking about him being over in Iraq for a few minutes and the sound of his voice intoxicated me further. I felt like a little girl with a high school crush, but I also felt like the conniving ***** to even think sexual thoughts about a guy my best friend was marrying in a matter of days. They finally came in from the garage and headed upstairs. I had not yet changed, and when I saw them reach the top of the stairs I acted surprised and told my husband that I wanted to change clothes and have a few quiet moments before returning to the party, but that I didn’t want to be rude to our guests and asked him to go downstairs and let everyone know I’d be back shortly. I also asked that he be the good host and mingle with all of our friends until I got back. My husband readily agreed, not suspecting anything, and as he turned to head downstairs Adam was behind him, but looking at me still. He could see me, but my husband had already gone down enough stairs that I was out of his sightline. I motioned to Adam to return to the upstairs bathroom in 5 minutes. He got what I was motioning him to do, nodded in agreement, and followed my husband downstairs.

Now I was a nervous wreck. I had laid my cards out and was waiting to see what he would do. The few minutes passed like hours and I was almost sick to my stomach, but when he casually climbed the stairs and rounded the corner he looked at me and walked into the bathroom and closed the door, but didn’t latch it. I walked over and looked out the window and saw my husband and Sara and several of our friends laughing and drinking by the pool. My husband had taken up the role of bartender and Sara was sitting there with others just enjoying the drinks and the atmosphere. I knew I had some time.

I walked to the bathroom and pushed the door open enough to slide in. I shut the door behind me and said to Adam, “I don’t know what I’m doing here, but no matter what, no one can know I’m here with you.”

Adam said, “I’m good with that” and smiled at me again.

I had changed into my sweatshirt and didn’t have a bra on. He could see my nipples poking through and knew I was turned on. He moved towards me and as I was leaning against the door he kissed me gently. He started slowly, but soon our tongues were dancing and he had his hands under my shirt, feeling up my 36Cs. I unbuttoned his pants and felt his member in my hand and realized that he was very much a man! It was very hot and heavy for a few minutes.

I had to stop him before it got out of hand that night, but I told him that I would be home alone the following Monday during the day (when both my husband and Sara were at work). I wrote my cell number on a piece of toilet paper with an eyeliner brush (of all things) and gave it to him.

He said, “To be continued then” and slipped out of the bathroom.

I was shaking in my knees for several minutes before I could gather myself enough to go back outside. The rest of the night progressed without incident, and I knew I had all day Sunday to both obsess over what could happen Monday or convince myself to be a true friend and not follow through.

Monday morning around 10:00 am my cell phone rang and it was Sara’s home number. I answered it and of course it was Adam. He asked me if my husband was gone for the day and I told him yes. He said that Sara was gone all day as well. I asked if he really wanted to go through with anything and he said he was more than willing, if I was and if it could remain our little secret. I paused and mentally answered ‘no, no, no, no, no,’ but all of a sudden I heard myself say “My front door will be unlocked” and I hung up.

45 minutes later Adam again walked up the stairs and saw me standing in the doorway to my bedroom. I was wearing a one-piece satin pajama dress and nothing else. This time he didn’t waste any time. He walked over to me and kissed me deeply. I reached around and grabbed him by his back and dug my nails in. He instinctively lifted my pajama dress over my head (as I instinctively raised my arms for him) and picked me up to carry me to the bed.

I will not go into the gory details, but suffice it to say he did things to me in ways that no man has ever done before or since. We made love for about 3 hours and I knew that he had me anytime he wanted me. I do not regret what has happened so far, but I know that in an instant many worlds could come crashing down....has anyone had any similar experiences?
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I hope Your best friend and your husband are ******* on those Monday's too.

you are a horrible person. This is horrible not only are you hurting your best friend you are cheating on your husband who probably loves you with all his heart. I hate hearing these type of stories.

Something very fake about this

Add a response...

1. You are not mature enough to be married.
2. You are not wife material, you do not understand the meaning of commitment.
3. Thank God you have not mentioned children! you are not mother material, and never will be. Don't have kids,you will only wind up hurting them and making sad sick people.
4. How would you feel if you found out that your husband had been sleeping with your best friend? Think about that, then tell your husband and your friend what you and Adam did. Ask them if they's like to be swingers and have sex with each other. If they go for it you can all be perverts together. If not, you can get a divorce, dump your former friend and screw Adam. Do not apologize to your husband, you intended to betray him. Just let him go.

I can't understand. How can you love someone who means the world to you and meanwhile **** your best friend's husband. This isn't love and friendship then. Frankly, I hate people like you. And I don't give a slightest **** if I'm preaching here or not ...

That pure lust and crush. You cheated on your best friend. Why do you call Sara friend. Its useless to be friends

I read this and the comments (some for some against) and wonder about a few things. The obvious first question is did this continue and if so how long? How would you feel if your husband did something similar? If the two of you are OK with an open marriage, then hope you both enjoy and stay together (and I'd love to read more stories). If you don't think you could handle him doing the same thing, you're being selfish and should feel guilt.

Our experiences are different, I'm not cheating on my husband with anyone who has any contact with the rest of my life, but I totally empathize with the lack of guilt (well that is an odd phrase). I've been with him for 16 years and while I am entirely emotionally fulfilled by him, and we actually have a great sex life, our sexual personalities are just different. He is a serial monogamist, until I met him I was never interested in anything remotely serious. About every five years or so (give or take) I get an itch, in a way that he fundamentally will not understand, so I figure out a way to scratch it. Five years ago it was an old high-school flame who never met or knew my husband, now it's someone I met via a cheating web-site - do love Chrome's Incognito mode. As a result I say do what makes you happy but be EXCEPTIONALLY proactive about no trails, i.e. he should have memorized your phone # and burned the tp, because this does have the potential to blow up big time just due to the interpersonal relationships.

that was really hot to read :)

Meh almost too hot

Such a hot story,you can't stop nature,enjoy but don't get caught ; )

im not going into the whole cheating is bad routine but if you need to feel cheating excitement there are other people to cheat with. this will not end in a beautiful manner. you didnt think this one out

Some bestfriend you our I would never do that to my bestfriend nore would she do it to me.

For the sake of argument. You never really know your friends

Sounded awesome and he was a lucky man ;)

Wow. (:
You are a truly inspiring woman, keep up the great work. (:

Very hot. Yes, I have done this many times. Before I married my wife, we were boyfriend and girlfriend in Cancun and had massages, each in our private rooms. I flirted with my hispanic masseuse and she liked it and we ended up making out and *******. I couldn't ******* believe it and we had to be so quiet. But that was the last time I saw that local girl. I did pull out so I wouldn't get her pregnant and when I left the room, my girlfriend was waiting and totally had no clue I just ****** my masseuse. The great thing is she was a cheater but didn't know that I knew about it. I love cheating women. Makes our sex more hot.

I'm dripping wet afyer reading this because I'm cheating on my husband right now in a similar situation except my lover he is only 19 lol

I like it, the plot was very well performed, she did well and i do encourage her. one cant blame her or be harsh criticizing her act. there must be certain drive or motives that guide her to act in this way..I do not see any wrong, she is a human, blood, feelings and emotion.. As for her husband, he should sensed his wife changes way before this..anyways, what happened is done...just be careful not to destroy ur marriage for the kids sake.

i was wondering if you would like to be friends with my wife?

I think what you did and do to your friend is by far the absolute most selfish thing I can think of. I mean my god you are the most heartless person I can think of. Not only do you cheat on your husband (which I will get into more in a second) but you are consistently backstabbing your friend everytime your with her HUSBAND. I would say that your friend deserves better but honestly you already know that. And even though your husband cheating on your lying sneaking self would be fit punishment I honestly hope he's a devoted faithful husband so you can feel like the piece of crap you are for doing what your doing. Obviously you've never been on the receiving end of being cheated on otherwise you might know who's life your messing up. I hope it does come crashing down on you but for their sakes I hope they never find out cause that is some pain that doesnt go away. Hope your feeling proud of yourself. You've ruined 4 lives.

Frankly I hope you get cheated on one day so you can feel what its like, This story is hurtful at best to the other people involved. Despite what you say I am being supportive just not to the author of the story. I do not condone or support people who are so completely narcissistic that they think their actions can be justified on a website. Whatever you think about my comment is irrelevant as its not your or my life that's being toyed with its the people in her story that are the ones who have to suffer. One day i truly hope you get your heart broken so you can understand why this story is deplorable.

Obviously you have never been cheated on, otherwise you would not be rooting for the obvious bad guy here. To be honest I cant understand how anyone can be so narcissistic to think they can justify playing with people's lives just so she can feel better about her own life. And to top it off just days after her friends wedding. You and I have no part in this story so our opinions (which is what we are typing) dont matter. Despite your best efforts and/or wishes even if she comments a hundred oh yah your right. Your not right. your opinion doesnt count. When your life is a part of a persons story (which some day I hope it is) then your opinion can matter more than just the 117 bits of data that you put on a screen from your keyboard strokes. I truly hope your and her life become devastated by someone someday so you can understand how bad and deplorable this story truly is.

Yet let's flip the scenario once for a minute if this was a story about a guy doing it then omg I wouldn't be able to count all the negative comments from you women. Let's be fair you are only self righteous when it's a scenario that relates to something you've wanted to do our have done but if you get chatted on Oh boy he'll hath no fury. So please don't lecture or try to criticize my comments cause at best your being a self righteous hypocrite.

You went with your instinct and are not regretting it, that is what counts.

its lovely made me hard............

when u don't feel guily, why are you wasting time writing this post.?
go and divorce your husband so that he can live with someone worthwhile and not waste your time with you.

Do u love your husband?
I is clear that all adam wants is to have sex with you on the ide and not disturb his stable life with sara by shutting your mouth. I don't know about you but he seems to have cheated many times and he will.
But what do you want? do u want this to continue like having only sex and hurting someone who means the world to you for a stupid womaniser? yes he is bleeding even if he doesnt know.
atleast have the decency to go out of your home to some hotel and not to sara's house where she lives. aren't you hurting her enough?
and from the next time, don't refer to sara as friend in your posts. you are demeaning the word.

you are one lady who did not support this story . I was surprised to see other women supporting her just like married men hi5 each other after cheating on their spouses.
No it really is disgusting

And you have no idea of the relief I felt when I saw that there are still men like you out there! Don't leave your way, in this era, people like you are priceless.

you suck
you are an evil self centered *****
how can you not think of how you are impacting the other people in your life

you did absolutely the right thing.You shouldnt regret it.Infact in an ideal world your husband should also let you do things and enjoy.In my case My wife is 21 ,I am 25 .We have been married for 3 years.It had always been my fantacy my wife ***** some one.Just 3 days ago I was drunk and horny ,I asked my wife how would she like the idea of having a 3 sum.The moment i said she went ballistic and shouted at me ,called me selfish ,mean.I was like by 3 sum i dont mean it doing it with another gal.She gave me a weird look and shouted again how can i have her sex with some one if i truely love her.I told her i really love her and it has been my fantacy.Next day i oppologized to her and said i only said it to try having some spice in our sexual life.To my bloody surprise she said if i am ok with it she is also ok with it.By then i was so horny i was imagining my fantacy coming true.Cuting the long story into short we found a very good looking,young muscular guy online.They exchanged eachothers number ,the next day when my wife came back from work ,she angrily said that guy has texted her and asking for sex.I was like what doesnt she try it.She was a bit nervous ,scared but she was up for it.When she left the house she kept talking to me untill she sat with him in the car.She she came back she said they had done it about 4 times,he did it wildly,strongly ,and so hardly and her ***** was badly sore ,she was tired ,she talked less .She didnt eat well .The next day she said she liked it and she would keep doing it.Now the problem is it was my fantacy though but i dont want this to happen i dont want to loose my wife i really love her.Can you please guide me what should i do how can i undo the whole thing :( i dont want to loose her i will otherwise die...she is going to see him again tonight and my heart is sinking :((((((

**** me

Yup.. I did have a simulate experience .. Read my story about my wife sleeping in the living room while I was doing my frnds gal-f in the kitchen ..

Damn *****!!!

I'm sure we all have been tempted that way. The mood is right, hormones raging and some outrageously handsome guy comes on to you. The problem is that you gave in to your desire. That tells me something is missing in your marriage. You have to re evaluate your situation. Is there enough love left in your marriage to make you want to keep it together or not? If not do the right thing and ask for a divorce. It's not fair to your husband to cheat and it can be dangerous as well. If there is enough love to make you want to stay with him you need to get control of your desire and consider how much you have to lose. Cheating on a spouse is the ultimate insult! Stop doing it! It's denigrating to you and your marriage. Maybe if the problem is the quality of sex your getting a therapist could help. May even be fun rediscovering the magic that got you together in the first place.

thank you for not supporting this story because i dont either but i feel that this is more of a troll than a real story bec she focussed more on the details of what all they both were doing...i mean this isnt literotica


Your a hoe

I am married and I can't imagine doing this. My heart would be full of guilt and i wouldn't be able to look my husband in the eye. LUST is a DEMON and a DEADLY SIN. You gave into temptation and as a married woman you shamed God. You should repent,come clean of your sin and let everyone it would affect know. you should make a decision whether to stay in your marriage or get a divorce.

I've heard this before! met a wife in the bookstore all she could take about was her love for her husband and how she'd never cheat on him well chuckle she never did until the end of the conversation she asked me if she could kiss me.


Affairs happen, but in the bed you share with your husband? That was especially rotten of you and your paramour. Your husband may be a bad lover, but he doesn't deserve having you betray him with another man in HIS bed.

its happen to the best of us, write me back when you can.

Why not hump anyone at the mall, or weight-lifting class--instead of your best friend's fiance?<br />
<br />
A piece of meat is a piece of meat.<br />
<br />
You did an absolutely horrible thing.

You're a man-handled ****.

Sorry typo. Nothing happened years ago but I think jinda have always had a soft spot in my heart for him. Now since reuniting I think i might be falling for him.

I had sex with my bffs ec husband in which i am pretty sure they are still trying in having intercourse as well. Of course since she is kinda aggressive <br />
Myself & ex both agreed the 1st time no one could ever know . The next day we found each others arms again. Needless to say the poor guy was impotent until he got on top of me the 1st time. The 2nd time was omg outta the ballpark fireworks.My bff still thinks he is kinda impotent.Not at all I tell ya. So yea I can kinda relate. Sad thing is he lives bout 9 hrs away from me and she supposedly does too. Not so sure anymore. She belittles him and did so when they married years ago as well. I guess do kinda love him in a weird kinda way. Even when they were married about 8 yrs ago i had a soft heart for him. Back then nothing sexual on any level but nowmmhappened.

There is two love one that your will care about and they will care about you and one that will make your feel like a person from outer space. enjoy both sex is to please the desirers caring is company it is rear that it’s the same person but many will not let them shelves share both. If you can tell your partner you are a luck one if not look for the other desire to make your self whole. I found a girl that way honest to me that she love married many men only and if she left her husband that don’t know her desire’s could I handle her dreams. I said yes and she said I want you to have the same desire about women. We are married and proud of her as she tells me how the married men treat her and I tell her about my desire I have carry out and laugh a lot bout the pleaser we have. She rings me when she wants me to stay away and I do the same our sex partner does not have a clue. This is how we love it. Spectrally went we have a party and the partners we have had sex with does not know both of us had had them on the side we laugh of our secret

I'm so surprised that your "best" friend's internet fiance cheated on her 2 days after they met in person.

The fact that in one breath you say "I love my husband very much" and then on the other hand you say you don't "feel any guilt about it" is a serious problem that you need to address because judging from what you wrote this will come to a head and it will get very messy. Most likely you'll lose a best friend and husband and you won't have this guy Adam either. I mean what kind of guy is he really if he's willing to sleep with his fiance's best friend who he knows is also married.

wow lovely of you to share..i think that is so sexy...

With "best friends" like you, who needs enemas? Honey, its girls like you that give ***** a bad name. I mean, **** happens. Sure, but to write that you dont feel you did anything wrong...She's your best friend!!! Thats pretty low, but it proves what I've been saying for years...All women hate each other. Why? I dont know. They just do. Deep down, they hate each other, and dont let one of them have something the other doesnt, but wants, herself....Unadulterated hate. Strange creatures, these Women. Yet, lovely.

This is a hot, HOT story! I wished something like this happened to me.

that was lovely story and I really loved it while read....hope you feel good now.....dont you???

I had a relatively close experience this weekend. My husband and I went to a party at our friends' house. To make a very long story short, my friends ended up fighting as they always do. I ended up trying to comfort the husband of the couple but he began telling me how he and I would be a great couple together. Further into the night, many beers later, and after everyone fell asleep, he and I stayed up to talk some more. Well, that talking turned into kissing and that kissing turned into more. I tried to hold back but found myself not wanting to. Here I am now wondering what to do because I really like the guy and wish I wouldn't have held back as much because it was a night of great passion that I haven't had in YEARS. Does this mean my marriage is over?

If you want the opportunity to experience sex with other men but preserve your marriage then gradually bring it up with your husband so that he can agree to your sexy escapades. He may be excited by that possibility. You may decide to have sexual adventures together. it is not cheating if he knows and accepts your sexual liaisons. Best of luck.

since you dont regret what has happened I dont think it should matter to you if your husband and your friend finds out about the affair . Maybe you want this affair to be exposed so that your H & your friend leave their spouses & you get a chance to be with this new guy . Not a bad plan .

since you dont regret what has happened I dont think it should matter to you if your husband and your friend finds out about the affair . Maybe you want this affair to be exposed so that your H & your friend leave their spouses & you get a chance to be with this new guy . Not a bad plan .

Wow. honest. Rivetting. Thanks.