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On Vacation In the Islands

My husband took me on vacation in the Islands, warm blue water, white sand beaches, mellow and far from the hetic life of the states. The first day, he went golfing, leaving me to fend for myself. I made my way to the beach in my tiny thong bikini, topless, my full, proud breasts jutting out proudly, with my large nipples tilting slightly upward.

Immediately, I was approached by two rugged young Norweigen men, both in their early twenties. They looked like Norse Gods, with their blonde good looks. They graciously offered to oil my body and I greatly enjoyed it as thier hands explored my tan flesh, smearing the slippery oil all over me.

They suggested we retire to their cabana for some tropical rum drinks, which I accepted. After a few drinks, the rum kicked in and my normally uninhibited self was even less inhibited.

The sex was incredible, as the two studs tried valiently to outdo one another. Both were hung like horses with long, thick tools, and they both wanted me at the same time. With one filling my sex chasm, the other one invaded my eager anus, and I was deliriously happy with the double penetration. Their hands and their lips added to my enjoyment, and I returned the favor, using my talented mouth and tounge to arouse them over and over again to a satisfying stiffness, so I could have them inside me.

I had barely gotten back to our cabana when my husband got home from his golfing. He asked if I had a nice day, and I giggled happily.

We stayed for a week, and my husband played golf every day, while I had incredible sex with my two handsome Norwegiens.



outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 100 Responses Feb 11, 2008

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hey I love to have a look of your breasts ,please add me

I have added you, but please be kind

Great vacation!

Yes, it was glorious!

Well you let him enjoy his holiday so you got to be spoilt,isn't that what holidays for.

Yes, exactly. If more couples took vacations like that one, marriages would be stronger and last longer.


Hot Damn! Very hot and juicy.

Naughty girl. Mmm hard story. I mean hot haha. Thanks for sharing.

I hope you got hard, and spurted hot ***. Thanks for enjoying my story.

M so turned on rite now..imagined every bit of 7.5 is popping out...

I am thrilled to have aroused and excited you with my story. Wish I was there to enjoy what I started. Warm Kisses.

Damn sexy wish my wife would do that I want to see a big **** stretch and please my wife's *****

Many men express that same fantasy, for a wide variety of reasons. It is fairly common. But it takes a special sort of man who is not possessive or jealous. Not every man can handle it.

Would you be surprised to learn that the Norweigens were hired by your husband to keep his sexy wife out of real trouble?

Hmmmm, I never even thought of that. Perhaps. It is exactly the sort of thing he might do.

Sounds like a fun break!!!

It was delightful and so sensuously pleasurable. I still savor the memory of that vacation.

I mean really! What's NOT to like! You go, girl!

Exactly, it was all good. Warm Kisses.

Sounds like you may have needed to take a small vacation to recover when you returned home. Sounds like it was a great week. Would loved to have been there to help out. Very hot story, thank you for sharing.

It was a glorious week filled with such sensual, erotic delights. Sex always leaves me feeling blissed out and totally relaxed, freed from all stress, drained of all tensions and worries. So by the time we got home, I was in a wonderful state.

Well I can't say that I dont agree. Sex is the ultimate in stress relief. A massage afterwards and I'm done.

oh my *** to Papa

Would Daddy give me what I need?

Wow, that is hot - thanks.

You are most welcome, Kind Sir.

Did they both **** you every day that your husband went golfing?

Yes, it was a gloriously orgasmic week for me.

what an arousing story. what an amazing woman! I hope we vacation in the same hotel one day ;)

Well if we ever do, you will have no trouble spotting me. I sort of stand out, you know? Thank you for your kind praises, they are much needed and appreciated.

I get off on your cheating

Yes, I am well aware of the fantasy of the cheating wife. Lots of guys get very turned on by a wife who cheats on her husband. In my case, though, I always tell him everything, and I have his permission, so it is not really cheating.

best.chick. ever.

Love that you think I am the best chick ever, That is so flattering, Warm Kisses.

hot, probing kisses back atcha

You are a dirty ****! God I love you...

I am a dirty ****, a helpless nympho ****, a ****-hungry *** ****.

Go Girl!
I am a sissy crossdresser who loves big **** in my sissy *****
I can only imagine how good 2 hot studs would be!

one reaming your ***** ***, and one deep in your hotly sucking throat. I would enjoy watching that.

Reason #124 Why I don't Play Golf.
Reason #1 Why I wish I was a Norwegian

LOL, nice. Warm Kisses.

come to San Diego, I\'ll do my Norwegian imitation.

Is it still cheating if he lets you be a ****? Lol

He not only lets me, he taught, trained and developed me to become the erotic goddess of his dreams. He is always so proud of my ability to win the approval and affection of other men

I am really so exited and turnedon by this story of yours, I have read it thrice by now.... Really a good one....

It excites me to know I have excited you and turned you on with my story. I love getting comments like this. I am delighted you like my story. Warm Kisses.

I do believe your story is true and admire you all the more for your frankness (^__^)b
Just be yourself, my praiseworthy lady!

Thank you for your acceptance and support. It is greatly appreciated and much needed. I cannot be otherwise than who I am, but it is nice to have your approval.

Sounds just like a BS lie to me. Nice fantasy though

People tend to reject what they do not understand and have never experienced. It does not threaten me, and I only feel compassion for their narrow views of a life lived to the fullest. Thank you for enjoying the story even though you are so negative about my life.

Superb reply!

Well all I can say is I wish I was one of those guys sticking my big hard shaft into your slutty married *****

I know you do. And I would love it. Warm Kises.

I am but an addict and you are but my fix.
Was hospitalized for lung infection.
all the time in there just thought about
needing to read about you,alas my
opening line........missed you
Your love slave...Gregxxxoo

Greg: I am so sorry to hear of your illness. I feel such compassion for you. I hope it is all better now? Warm kisses and loving hugs.


kris ain't gonna rock anybody,sorry chris...

geez what a negative perspective!so much so that you ll even prescribe it as unavoidable due to gender specifics!I think relationships are as unique as the individual and we can only speak of our own experiences,and not project the results you got,which appears to be your ever present reality.wherever you go!there you are!you get the love you give,my friend.

Not sure what you mean by "Negative Perspective"? Did I miss something? The one thing I have come to accept in life that the no matter what I am doing or where I am, I always take me along. Being me, I always bring a very sexually oriented perspective to everything. My thoughts, my actions, my hungry desires, always turn to sex.

Sounds like it was more relaxing than golf!

He got to golf all week and I got to have such naughty, sinful pleasures with my two gorgeous young studs. It was a win-win. I sort of hated to kiss those guys goodbye.

let me rephrase, "fukin sloot"

I am a sloot Queen for certain