Seducing Brother's Wife.

We had a family party and I feel guilty of my personal events that unfolded.My brother is married to his  highschool sweetheart and has two kids.The party was electric as beer and rum flowed. My brothers wife and i are good friends but as i entered the kitchen to cool off she was wiping food stains from her top and as i was drunk i decided to kiss her she responded back.We ended up having hot sex in the toilet while we heard my brother looking for her.We dont talk much but when i get drunk i find ways to see that my brother is not at home before seducing his wife.I seriosly hope that i  do not get bad consequences from this experience.
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3 Responses May 19, 2011

Dude you are soooooooo wrong for this! That is your family. That's your brother!!! How does that even enter your mind to sleep with his wife.??? You both are wrong for it! Especially her because they are married but don't think you got away with this! God saw everything and vengeance is His! Repent! Tell your brother what happend! It will hurt him and maybe destroy the union and his family but what you did was so wrong and your not even sorry about it and his wife is just a ho but she has some issues as well. You both are sick minded individuals that need to seek God! And ask for his forgiveness and stop the madness! Regardless , what you have sowed, you shall also reap! It may seem like you got away with it today but in the end its all gonna come out and there is nothing you can do about it whether it comes out when you die or while your hear on earth! God is not mocked! Amen!

Dude all I got to say is what a MORON!! How could you do that to someone you love. Considering the circumstances nothing but bad is going to come out of this and Karma is a bi@#$

I too had an affair with my brothers wife without anyone finding out we had sex for 8 years

what happened did anyone find out? did u feel guilty? I am attracted to my BIL and don't know what to do..

to this day no one has found out, thank god.

Don't thank God for that silliness!!! You think you got away with it but you didn't. God sees everything and you reap what you sow! It's all gonna come back to you like a ton of bricks! Good luck and God bless!