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My First Time...

My husband and I had been married for less than a year. We had been dating for two years prior to our engagement. I was 24 years old and had only two boy friends prior my husband. Our sex life was great and I had no intentions of cheating. I've always had the attention of boys/men since high school and I guess I've always been a bit of a flirt. As I always seemed to have a steady boy friend, I never felt threatened and it was fun to flirt with others.

My husband and I both travel for work. I worked for a company out of Atlanta and had to travel their often for business. It was on one of these trips I was due to spend three days in Atlanta for meetings. I always seemed to hang out with a married salesman about 30 years of age during these trips. We flirted harmlessly and talked mostly about our families and work.

One night after meeting we agreed to meet for dinner at the hotel resturant. He brought a client to dinner. The client was about 32, tall, blonde california surfer type, yet professional and also married. We had a great dinner and several glasses of wine. Dinner conversation was fun and we carried on about people at the meetings, family and experiences in school.

After dinner, we decided to go to the lounge and have some drinks. They were both very funny and kept me in laughing all night. We were flirting and the conversation turned to sex. As normal I didn't mind and didn't feel the threat of these married men. We openly talked about sex with our spouses. Thinks we like to do and didn't do, things out spouces were go at and not good at. They both told stories of crazy sex in college. Something I never experienced. I was hanging on every work of their stories and was felling very excited. My nipples harded thru my silk top and it didn't go by the two of them. They were openly staring at my nipples as they spoke. I was enjoying the excitement at our table as the sexual energy increased. We were all feeling no pain when we realized the lounge was closing. My friend asked if we should go up to my room and raid the mini bar. At the time I would of normally said no, but I was having so much fun, and was prety buzzed, my common sense fell short. I agreed and we head up the elevator. As I entered the elevator in my state I must of leaned back into the blonde guy and he moved his hands to my shoulders. I realized he was their too late and my *** leaned against him and I felt his bulge against me before stepping forward. I said excuse me as I relaized he still had his hands on my shoulders. He removed them slowly and said no problem.

We entered my room and I had to use the bathroom. As I excused myself I told them to make themselves at home. I looked at my self in the mirror after using the toilet, I noticed how hard my nipples were and I pinched them and smiled. Such a tease I thought. Knowing with both of them here nothing would happend and I could continue to have my fun.

As I entered the room I could here the sound of sex, I looked around an noticed one on e bed leaning back against the pillows and the other on the far end of the bed. I was shocked to see pron on the TV. I laughed and asked them what the ****? They were laughing and handed me a gin and tonic. The blonde guy started talking about the girl on the TV, bent over a couch, one guy sliding in her from behind and another standing behind the couch with his **** in her mouth. He mentioned that it reminded him of one of his experiences in college with a girl that was used by his frat buddy's.

I've never watched **** with my husband and had not much experience with it on my own. I was silent.I sat on the other edge of the bed and watched as they made comments on the action. I felt more excited than I ever have prior to sex. I was glued to the movie and felt my ***** tingle with excitement. I moved my legs slightly apart. I looked next to me and noticed the blonde guy with what looked like a huge bulge appearing in his pants. I thought of how it felt against me in the elevator. I must of been staring at it when he took his hand down and adjusted himself. He stared into my eyes as he did it which made me even more turned on. My friend leaned up from the pillows behind me and started to massage my shoulder. It melted what little tension and nervousness I had away. I went back and forth from the movie to the blonde guy, every time I looked at him he moved his hand down to his now fully hard **** in his pants to where he was just stroking up and down. He was looking right at me and jeking himself thru his pants. Not a word was spoken. I just watched. My friend moved his hand down to the top of my 34c **** inside my shirt. I couldn't move. I was so excited and caught watching this guy stroke himslef so openly and listening to the movie in the backround I didn't seem to care.

He moved his hand down towards his balls and pulled up the length of his **** showing me his size..mmm he looked huge. My friend now took this gesture as a sign with my silence to move his hands under my bra and over my now very hard snesative nipple.. I moaned and leaned back into him. My arms just dropped to my sides giving him better access and my body gave in. My eyes must of been closed enjoying the sensations of him playing with my nipples I didn't even notice the blonde guy know kneeling on the bed next to me with his fully erect **** in his hand. Stroking slowly. I reached up with my hands, one on his shaft and the other at the base of his **** and guided it to my mouth.

My friend moved me off the bad and the two of them ******** me of my clothes.They moved my to my knees and I took the blonde guys huge **** back into my mouth. My friend started to finger my ***** and told me how badly he's been wanting to **** me for the past couple of years. The blonde guy tells me what a sweet mouth I have and asked me if I like his ****. I stop sucking long enough to scream "yes"! My friend puts the tip of his **** against my ***** and I push back at him as I need to be ****** badly. I can't describe the feeling as he entered me. I was pleasing both of them and ******* at the same time. I felt my friend swell up and announce he was going to ***. I told him he can't *** in me and he pulled out and came all over my ***.

The blonde guy pucked me up with ease and set me down on the bed. You ready for me? Yes I begged. He entered me slowly as I begged for him to **** me. He moved inch by inch inside of me until I was more full than I have ever been. I came two more time while he ****** me. As he was about to *** he demanded I take his *** in my mouth. I rolled to him as He shot the first load half in my mouth and half down my chin. I moved my mouth over the end of his **** and felt the next loades shoot down my throat.

We ****** all night and fell to sleep together. the next mornig I woke up with the blonde guy eating my *****. We ****** for another hour including in the shower.

Needless to say our meeting that day were full of smiles. The conversation with my husband that evening was full of guilt.

Feel free to comment..
alicia707 alicia707 41-45, F 73 Responses Jul 29, 2011

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Love your stories Alicia, so hot!

Very Hot Story! I love cheating wives!

My female neighbour propose me a night out. I ended in an hotel room with three horny men who give the **** of my life

Alicia, thanks for sharing this story it was intense and made me very wet, great images. I really don't see this event as anything more than an experience of passion and exploration. Sometimes our fantasies and needs become reality. Don't feel guilty and forgive yourself if you do feel that way. Oh my that was steamy!

I was married and read an email between my then wife and some one night stand she ****** on a business trip. I made a big deal over it and I now wish I never said anything as I would have loved to read more hot emails of them hooking up with hard ******* next time my wife visited that town. Oh well.

Do you like it?

Beautiful, Did it happen again?

You sound so sweet...................Wish that had been mu ****.

Sound like you had a great time.

A girl has to do what a girl has to do, sounds like fun!!!!!!

you betrayed the man that really loves you several times and with multiple partners
and say if he cheats on you you will be mad maybe end it ,you are a hypocrite.
obvious that you don't deserve him in the first place.

I love Atlanta! So much fun. And you sure had IR. Great story and thank you for sharing.


my wife and I have cheated on each other. Some we probably still keep secret.I love her cheating and then finding out. I am so glad you cheat on your husband

cool lol you will probably divorce your hubby anyway :)

Seems fake but guess you never know.

I love business trips. The evenings can be so much fun if you are a bit adventuresome. A girl should take on two men at least once in her life. I loved where the blonde guy asked if you were ready for him after the other guy had just finished ******* you, and you said "yes." The idea of a woman becoming so sexually excited that she's ready to take on more than one man is so erotic.

Dont feel too bad, sex is sex and love is love. Sounded like a hot night though :)

hot story. did you tell ur husband?

No I didn't

so do you think you may do this again?

Good written story.

Good storie

The title says 1st time ever cheated on my husband so that implies you have cheated .since then as well.True? and has your answer below to my question changed? or is it still
you can but not him.

Wish my wife alsoike that and then tell me openly. I will appreciate her as I love her and if she enjoys then that's my enjoyment.

That sounds like a super fun night!

You are an amazing lady. Many can tease but precious few are woman enough to take what they want. Please friend me so I can see you. enjoyed by all it was meant to be

Just reread your hot story but last time I asked a question you have answered everone else but not mine,Is it okay for your husband to cheat, if he did and in his guilt told you, what would happen?

That's a good question. I really don't know the answer.

answer is Gang bang;))

Great story lots of detail and action

that's an unreal first experience. What's it like to be so spoiled?


Wow. That was amazingly hot. Thanks for sharing.

my pleasure..:)

That is a very hot experience, and one I have shared many times with my friend and his wife. Kuddos. A hot story.

Mmm, very hot, I hope that I get to experience a ********* like that with 2 hot men one day :)

Wow it sounds like this was way worth it? Your first cheat and with two! Seems like this wasnt the last? I was reading your stories bcuz I will post my story too,

It wasn't me last. But I will never forget that night

Very exciting story, sometimes cheating spice up the sex relation with your spouse

just going to play devil advocate. from the tittle it sounds like you cheat repeatedly.
So what happens if hubby cheats and you find out or his guilt makes him tell you?
Is it a one way street ware you are alone alowed to cheat or do you forgive his transgression ?

Excellent story....and an excellent write up.


Awesomely Written, Awesome Story.


Guilt then, but I get the impression you no longer feel guilty about it?<br />
I enjoy the taboo thrill of cheating. I have a 20 something girl I get with every month or so. She knows I am married, and is glad to meet for a quick BJ or a full **** in my family van when I can get away (my daughter uses the van occasionally too, and I know she ***** her BF in it too). My wife has given a BJ to her bartender last year (or two now). So my family van gets a lot of use LOL....<br />
Sorry got carried away, this story is about you. It was a SUPER hot story, I am hoping the guys had the time and you were willing to do a DP, as that is some of the best sex there is in my honest opinion. I LOVED that you spelled out how slowly it progressed from just dinner with two safe married guys, to drinks, to chatting casually about sex, to your room and then the ****. I LOVE how doey eyed you sounded in the story, Like a deer in the headlights of their rock hard ***** LOL. I was very turned on by the innocence of it all. EXCELLENT job writing this story out!!!

wow, another great comment. I no longer feel guilty. It was incredible however..

Kewl, I got the impression you didn't feel guilty, from other comments you have made. But you didn't answer the DP question??? :)

Have not tried's on the list..:)

I would be glad to help ;)

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what a **** fest u had


Three thoughts ...<br />
1. What goes on tour stays on tour. <br />
2. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. <br />
3. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb<br />


Always good to make a beautiful woman smile :)

Sounds like a fantastic trip! I can't tell from your story if you told hubby or if you just felt guilty. Great story, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I didn't tell hubby. Felt guilty for years..

No fun carrying that much guilt!

The memories of that evening are still with me..Not the guilt

I does sound like an incredible memory!

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Lucky guy and good experience.

It would have been very hard to resist, that's for sure! I probably would have done the same thing.

Lucky you!! Thank you for sharing this erotic adventure !!

Very exciting...very well told...have my **** rock hard...thank you

Your welcome

Have you done this again since your first time

I have had a couple of experiences since then. Never with more than one guy and never something I was out looking for...

Seizing the moment, letting ones self enjoy the experience is quite fulfilling. Glad you let it happen.

great story u lucky girl wish i was there to help u with those ***** xxx sexy!

holy freaking cow... * deep breath * <br />
<br />
ok. a. i'm now really glad i didn't get dressed yet for work. naked is so much better for a story like that. <br />
<br />
2. it's almost reassuring some how that these kinds of things happen to other people , too. lately i had really been giving myself a guilt trip about not being more ... controlling over my own fate, but it feels good to remember that sometimes things just happen. <br />
<br />
thanks for writing it. and yeah... hot.

thanks...glad you enjoyed

Smokin hot ... the action AND the story tellin. Rated. =)


hot storey your a bad bad girl lol ....

I've had a few moments

Luv the feedback..add me..:-)

You are a very good writer, this story makes one excited and can't stop reading to know what happens next. mmmm


You are a very good writer, this story makes one excited and can't stop reading to know what happens next. mmmm

thank you

Highly erotic story and again, well told. You must have a lot of great adventures since then.

"I was 24 years old and had only two boy friends prior my husband. "<br />
<br />
Wow, a hot woman like you could have 10 boyfriends till this age so easily!

Sounds like a fantastic time. Seems like this happened many years ago. I'm sure it only enhanced your sexual being.

It has..I think about sex far too much..I enjoy reading erotic stories and have wonderful fantasy life..

great story...everyone wanted it.

wow so ******* hot!! I love how you built it up...

thanks, I have memories from this that will never go away.

Personally if I was this chicks husband not only would I divorce her ***, I would also let everyone of her friends and family know how she likes to lie to her husband and go off to different cities and let random dudes gang bang her. This is me speaking personally not professionaly, a drunken one night stand I might of been able to work out as a husband and find a way to forgive. But to say you love your husband and then let some random dudes you do some business with run a train on you is pretty unforgivable.

it's hot story. wish i was one of them. if you feel horny, have sex.

I hate to say this about other fellow human beings but some of you people in this forum disgust me with some of your comments. Alicia even considering what you did you still seem like a good person at heart that let things with the help of alchohol get way way out of hand. The fact that you felt guilt right off the bat about your actions let's me know that you love your husband and would do anything for him. Now speaking to you from someone who has a phyche degree I would tell him about it and let him know the exact circumstances that led to it happening and as they say throw yourself at the mercy of the court. If your marriage is really as good as you say then the truth along with the right counsling I think you two could get back on track.

To say "you people in this forum disgust me" and "Now speaking to you from someone who has a phyche degree" in the same paragraph is soooo repugnant. Withholding judgement is a cornerstone of Psychology so I hope you do not USE your degree in anything.

That's why I got out of clinical work altogether because to many people out there(and this forums a good example) don't really want to have to go through the steps you need to and change. They just want someone to tell them what they did was ok and everyones human and don't be to hard on yourself. When what they really need to to is step back and examine wether everything was as good as they say it was and if it indeed wasn't, then they need to not talk about it but take the proper steps to change their lives or marriages for the better. Doing something like that to someone you say you love with all your heart is very bad and should be looked at harshly by ones self.

What a fantastic story!!! If I was in a sexless marriage or if the sex lacked any intensity and passion, i'd definately cheat as well ;-)

Very nice story, i get so horny just reading and imagine the actions. guilty or not, bad or good, we never now how too describe it but the only thing is that at the moment, it feel the best.

this is the second time i have read this story, ahhhhh yes it does not fail to arouse me. I think this is such a hot evening filled with unbridled lust. What a hot event, to enjoy 2 men and be taken over by there lust for your body. and these men having there way with you willingly. It gets me so hot raeding about this. thanks for shareing dennis

Very exciting and hot story. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.


that sounds like the best night, its one youll allways remember. full of just hot sex, and lust. Man i so wish I got with a woman like you for an evening like this. it has not happened sence my early 20,s

Amazing....lucky you....


now you like it you wount be able to stop go for it what the heck use all your pent up sex or never enjoy it two guys all night & day see you need it

Sounds like it was a wonderful night between adults. I'm glad to hear you had the experience. I hope forgiveness is another experience you have and give. Remember to forgive yourself at some point too.

Lovely story - I would have done the same! xx