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A Long Story About His Birthday

A college friend of mine was turning 40.

He’s one of those guys that was always fun to flirt with and such a good friend I found a way to never cross the lines of friendship and sleep with him. We had even talked about it on several occasions. We would never ruin our friendship by complicating it with sex. I had a boy friend thru college and he was sleeping with every hot girl in school.

Eric had this alluring cute boy smile to go with his Latin good looks and incredible athletic body. He had not problems seducing girls at school and a few older women as well. At times I found myself jealous but would always laugh it off when he told me about his exploits later. We have flirted to the point of turning each other on so much we had to stop and just smile knowing it was time to stop before we crossed the line.

I married in my mid twenties and Eric has always stayed single. My husband and Eric are now friends, play golf together, had dinner or have gone out with Eric and his girl of the month. Our friendship has stayed strong and he often comes to me with advice on girl problems. I generally just end up teasing him that he will never get married and why should he get caught up in the drama and he would likely move on anyway soon.

Eric’s 40th birthday was approaching and a large group of us decided to take him out on Friday for drinks, dinner and dancing to celebrate. We arranged a group of 4 couples and met at a lounge nearby for drinks to start the night. The 4 couples were are all friends of Eric’s and were all very attractive. It was one of those evenings you look forward to all day. I got home from work early before my husband and jumped in the shower. I took my time washing and found myself aroused, thinking of what great sex my husband and I have generally after a night out like this. As I ran my soapy hands over my breasts, my sensitive nipples begged for attention. Thoughts passed my mind of what I would wear and how I would look to our friends and to Eric. Wow, I really started to get aroused. I would be flirting with Eric like I have many times before, but this seemed different because it was his birthday.

I would wear my black dress, plunging low in front with straps coming up over my neck, exposing my back. The dress I’ve worn only once on a night out with hubby in the city. I attracted so much attention that night. I remembered back to the great sex I had with hubby when got back to the hotel room afterwards. Yes, the black dress would be perfect and my long silver necklace would run down between my breasts and accent the dress and my cleavage perfectly. Eric will love it as well. I imagine that I might attract his attention away from the hot 25 year old he was bringing tonight. Just like old times I thought. I imagine the sexual tension this evening with be high and sex with hubby tonight will be even better. My thoughts are racing now as fast as the water running down my body, my minds turns back to my nipples which are begging for more attention. But I need to finish greeting ready and save this energy for later.

Once out of the shower I look myself over in the mirror and ask myself “will Eric still find me attractive and sexy”? I apply lotion to my skin and back over my breasts as I watch myself in the mirror. I bring the bottle to the tops of my breast and drip a couple of drops above my nipples and giggle at myself in the mirror as I watched the lotion drip to my sensitive nipple. Mmmm, my fingers playfully moved the fluid around my nipples and over my breasts. They look great, still firm and always getting the stares of men and women. Tonight these will be on display. I rarely go without a bra, but this dress won’t allow it. It will require some tape on the inside of the dress to keep them from falling out. It excited me to think how much of them will be exposed and how my nipples will feel against the soft fabric of the dress.

I then finished applying lotion to my legs and tried hard not to get to close to my ***** as I was wet now and I knew better than to start. It was time to pick out some panties. I grabbed a black thong, stepped into it and turned around to see my *** in the mirror. I love that my *** doesn’t sage at 42. I work hard to stay in shape and all of my bike riding and gym time is paying off. I finish doing my hair and pulled out the dress. It felt so nice against my skin. I felt a little exposed and uneasy for a moment but as my nipples touch the fabric, my reservations turned to excitement as my nipples hardened and were clearly visible against the dress. I moved around and bent over in front of the mirror to see the many different angles of view of my breast. God, I needed tape.

I folded some tape to make it double sided and applied it to the inside of my dress. I smoothed it out against my breast just inside my nipple to hide the seams of the tape. Perfect! I moved around again, nothing falling out, a great view of my cleavage, the insides of my breasts and the obviously hard nipples felt amazing as the dress still moved across them as I moved. I turned around to take a peek at the back. I loved the way my back looked in this dress, exposed to my lower back and I arched slowly I noticed the panty lines of my thong were apparent thru the fabric. Heels, my necklace and a glass of wine were all I needed.

My hubby arrived home and walked in the bathroom as I was cleaning up. Without a word he moved up behind me and kissed my neck. “You look good enough to eat”. I smiled and told him to jump in the shower and get ready.

We arrived at the lounge and found two of the couples sitting at the bar already with drinks. I was relieved to find the women were all looking sexy in dresses, one of them in a short white dress similar to mine. The men were dressed up, smiling and trying not to stare. My hubby and I exchanged hugs with everyone. It felt like a fun night was approaching as each hug was lingering, I felt hands across the bare skin of my back as my breasts were pressed against the other women and each man hugged me with their hands moving down my lower back. I started with a martini and chatted with the girls about our dresses. The men were talking next to us and kept looking over. The sexual tension was high and exhilarating. My martini started to go down nicely and I felt my nipples start to harden. Both men and women were openly staring at my breasts as we chatted.

Eric arrived with his young girl friend, Monica. He walked in the room with a huge smile seeing his friends already having fun and knowing we were there to celebrate his 40th. He walked right to me, smiled, hugged me and whispered in my ear “you are the sexiest girl here”. His hands moved down against the skin of my back as he spoke and unlike the others he moved one down further to the upper part of my ***. “Mmmm, thong tonight” he said as he turned away and smiled. As they exchanged hugs with everyone else I could sense Monica was not quite as comfortable with the rest of us. She was much younger and didn’t know everyone very well.

We got Eric and Monica a drink and broke off into groups of boys and girls once again. We tried to make Monica feel at home and comfortable. I was standing with my back to the boys as was half listening to them as we chatted. I could hear them all make comments about each of us as boys will do. Then Eric mentioned to my hubby that he thought I was the sexiest girl in the room. My hubby and all the other agreed. I felt their eyes staring at my backside as I pretended to be focused on Monica’s conversation when I Eric said, “my god you are so lucky”. I slowly arched my back, pushing my *** out ever so slightly as I moved. The boys eventually turned back and the conversation they had moved to something really important like sports.

We decided to head to the restaurant. We loaded up in our cars and head out. My hubby and I small talked about how much fun we were having and what a great group we were with. As we entered the restaurant, we were escorted to our table. It was a warp around leather bench seat with chairs on the outside. Eric moved to the inside of the bench seat and Monica moved next to him. Eric motioned for me to slide in the other side next to him as it was his birthday and he should be able to sit next to the girls. The other two women moved in behind Monica as Eric little harem. The men laughed and sat in the chairs around the outside of the table. They seemed content as their sports conversation could continue with screaming across the table. The room seemed loud, with cement floors and tall ceilings, music playing in the back round and many people in back round talking. It was a little hard to hear everyone.

We ordered a round of drinks and I decided to stay with martini and then have wine with dinner. Monica seemed enjoying talking with the other girls and Eric and I talked endlessly about everything. We ordered dinner and the waiter poured the wine. I don’t drink much and the two martinis were taking effect. Eric was feeling good as well and his conversation moved in a more sexual direction. He kept openly looking at my breast and asked my how I was keeping them in place. I told him I had tape inside otherwise they would fall out. He laughed and said he wouldn’t be made at me if they did. Eric then looked right my nipples as we were talking and said, “Alicia, your nipples look so nice in that dress”. This made me blush a bit as he kept staring. This only made them harder and made me sit up a little more. I looked around the table and noticed everyone else engrossed in conversation. I looked back to Eric’s eyes, still fixated on my nipples and said “you think so”? “They feel really good against this fabric and it’s rare I don’t wear a bra”. Eric looked up into my eyes and smiled, “you should go without a bra move often”.

Now I have flirted with Eric nearly half my life and never until right now had I wanted him more. I think because we were with a group of people, my husband included, I felt like there was no threat of anything happening. My desires and fantasy thoughts started to go crazy. Eric’s leg touched mine as he leaned towards me and said “does it excite you know everyone has been staring at them”? “Yes. “You like that I’m looking at them and it’s exciting me as well”? “Yes” I whisper again as if somebody might hear me. I realize Eric’s leg is moving against my calf now and I look to him as he tells me to imagine him licking and sucking them until I ***.

My husband snaps me out of my sudden trance by holding a toast for Eric. As we raise our glasses, I feel Eric’s free hand on my thigh under the table. I look around the table and particularly at Monica as she would have the only vantage point to notice. Eric is leaning forward enough and she is trying so hard to get the approval of the others I feel more comfortable so would have no idea. My hubby is in a chair next to me but around the corner of the table. After the toast, more wine is poured and the conversations continue. Eric removes his hand to pour some wine, fills my glass and says “can you imagine returning the favor”? “What”? He leans to me again, “for sucking your nipples until you ***, can you now imagine me sliding this thick **** I have between those lovely lips’? My mind i screaming yes, but I reply softly again “yes”.

I feel I’m losing control as Eric continues…”spread your legs now” he says quietly.. I move them apart pressing my leg against his so he can feel I’m doing as he instructed. The wait staff arrives and starts to serve appetizers to the table and Eric slides his hand down under the table to my knee which causes me to lean forward and put both my elbows on the table. My leg now pressing firmly against him, his hand moves up my leg towards my inner thigh. I look around and see a husband from across the table staring at my breasts, looks up and smiles. Everyone seems to be jumping into food and Eric slides his hand now very close to the edge of my thong. He then removes his hand, grabs a plate and holds it for me to dish some food. As we start to eat he picks up the wine bottle and tops off glasses around the table. As he starts to eat, his hand moves back down to my thigh and quickly moves up to my wet *****. I lean again over my plate to eat as his fingers move up and down my slit thru my panties. My legs open as wide as I can and then squeeze against his hand as I can’t take anymore. He pulls his arm back out and starts a conversation with my husband about golf.
Their conversation now includes all the guys and my husband now focused on the guy next to him. Eric turns to me and takes a sip of wine and says “you need to be eaten out right now”. “Yes”. He continues, “I would take my time licking up and down your ***** lips before my tongue would touch your ****”. I smile “really”? “Then I would lick that **** and around your *** until you exploded”. This was too much. I was so turned on at this point I knew I would be ******* Eric. If not tonight, then at some point I would not be able to refuse him and he knew it.

He continued his teasing and seductive play throughout dinner and dessert. We paid the bill and one of the couple had to head home and relieve a baby sitter. The rest of us were off to go dancing. Down the street there is a small club with live music we were headed to dance and celebrate Eric birthday. We all walked together. The fresh air felt wonderful moving across my body. The dress not providing much protection. My husband put his arms around me to keep warm as we walked and Eric was behind me with Monica. We entered the club and grabbed a tall table and chairs in the corner. The band was loud and the music was fun. My husband and I got up to dance. He loves to dance and fancies himself as a good dancer. With a few drinks he thinks he’s better than he is of course.

After a couple of dances we got another round of drinks and sat back down. The other couple went back to dance and my husband asked me to join him I told him I would sit this out so he looked at Monica and she agreed to dance with him. I looked at Eric as they left and told him that he was crazy in the restaurant. He smiled and said, ”it’s my birthday” and “besides, you need me to eat that ***** don’t you”? Common sense left as soon as those words came out of his mouth. He moved onto the stool in the corner next to me and I turned towards him. “I can’t hear you” he said with a devilish grin on his face. “Yes” I replied quietly. “Yes, what”? “Yes, I need you to eat me *****”. He moved my leg around facing him and then moved his hand up, between my legs. I looked around the crowded room and noticed everyone facing the band and my hubby and Monica dancing in the distance. As I was observing the crowd, Eric moved his hand to my panties. His finger moving up and down my slit, felling my wetness. I moaned and spread my legs a little further, still browsing the crowd for possible onlookers. His other finger moved inside my thong and quickly pulled it aside leaving easy access for him to touch me. I thought I was going to *** as his free finger entered me. In and out his finger moved and then up to my ****. I moved both my arms to the table, one clutching the beer in front on me. Eric then said “you know how good it’s going to feel when I enter you”? “Yes”. “Tell me”? “I need you to **** me”.

Eric got up and led me towards the door. “Where are we going”? Eric said we are going outside. “We can’t” “they will know”. We walked me by the door, we got a stamp to be able to return and headed around the side of the building. It was an open parking lot full of cars and we walked across quickly. “Where are you taking me”? “Right over here” he replied. I noticed in the back of the lot was a small square of businesses that were closed with a fountain in the middle. The fountain was fronted by shrubs that created some privacy. No lights were on in the store fronts and it was very dark. “Here’? “Yea, right here” he said as he lifted my leg up on the ledge of the fountain and move his hand back to where it was in the club. He pulled my thong aside and had two fingers now inside my soaked ***** fingering me. I clutched an arm around his neck and used my free arm to steady myself against the top of the fountain. Water flowing over my arm and juices out of my *****. Eric asked me again, “tell me what you need”? “**** me now, quickly, please”.

That was what he wanted to hear. His free unbuttoned his slacks and sprung free his ****. He positioned it against my lips and plopped his head inside. “****”! I screamed as he entered me. Both arms on his massive shoulders as he grabbed my dress and pulled it above my hips and held me firm. His forced his thick **** deeper into my *****, filling me fully. It was the most filled I have ever felt. So thick and deep. Within a couple of deep thrusts I came, holding onto his neck, head and shoulders, “I’m ******* cummmiiinngggg”!!! He ****** me quicker and harder. “Yes Eric, **** me, **** me” “ahhhhhhggggghhhhhh” . I started to flow. I don’t think I ever *** so hard in my life. My juices came like a faucet down over this thick **** from a man that I have fantasized about for years. All of my pent up teasing and frustration coming out at one time. Eric continued pumping me and I felt like I couldn’t stop from coming. I keep gushing and feeling he was stretching me out. I felt him slow his strokes and the he asked me, Where do you want it”? “In my mouth” I replied. He drew out of me and forced me down to my knees. I grabbed this monster **** with both hands as he held my hair behind my head. I can’t describe erotic it was to have this **** in my mouth. It was the thickest **** I’ve ever felt, so powerful and erect. My mouth gapping wide to take it and the explosion. One huge shot I felt come thru **** and hit the back of my throat,. I swallowed as the second filled my mouth and down the shaft of his **** .I tried and slurp it up as the third shot deep down my throat. I started to garb but quickly such the life out of Eric’s ****. As I swallowed and licked the remaining *** from his ****, I looked up and saw that devilish smile I’ve grown to love. “I’ve never seen this much *** in my life”. “You have an amazing ****”.

Eric quickly pulled me up and said ”we have to get back”. “You go first and I will follow. When you see them inside tell them you just needed some fresh air. I will tell them I went to the bathroom and will get us some more beers. I ran back thru the parking lot and entered the club. My hubby was still dancing with Monica and a large group of people. I sat back down and let the moments that just passed swim in my head. I smiled as Eric approached the table with beers. “Never again” I said to Eric. “Never again” he replied..

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How are you? This is Erotic!! Eric is a Very lucky man!!

So hot, great story!

This is the second of your stories I have read. Not only were they extremely erotic, they were well written. A talented writer makes it easy for the reader to place themselves in the story. You have this ability. I will be reading all of your stories. I don't know if they're all erotic but I think I would enjoy anything you write. You're good.

Thank you..very nice

tell the truth now... has it been "never again"? What a 'hard' story to read in the morning! Thanks

The's been never again.. xoxo

mmmmmmm soooooooo hot add me please

mmmmmmmmmmm sooooooo hot story wow
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I like it with good friends ....

So did you and your husband have a good **** later than night? Why never again?

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What an awesome story!

One of the sexiest stories I've ever heard! Thank you for this... Please add me!

Wow I can feel how wet your ***** is through this story, very sexy

your deceiving yourself your hooked on that **** just like he is about your ***** admit it, you've ****** him since haven't you? hot lady

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What a **** hot quick and satisfying awesome

Entirely too forbidden and hot... thanks alicia<br />

Thanks Max,

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Gordon Bennett!! I don't think I could have taken any more build up. No idea how Eric managed to wait as long as he did!! Iron will power :)


DAMN!! great story well written and what a fun night for you!!! Way to go

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This is the best. You should be a writter!!!

Alicia, what an OUTSTANDING story!!! Truly fantastic... and with all that deliciously explicit detail! ;) I "rated it up" (woot! lol) and favorited, as should every single EP member.<br />
<br />
You're one of the all-around-best true-life erotica writers we have here on EP, hands down. Please continue contributing, as the EP community would be nothing without the type of quality prose that you provide.<br />
<br />
One more thing... if Eric didn't win the "Luckiest Guy On The Planet" award that night, then he was robbed! lol

wow, so nice..thank you..I have another coming today..:-)

Excellent, well written story!! Thank you!!

Now THATS a hot story! Real too.

Wow....that was a hot story! Very well written!