I Cheated and Now I Regret It :(

well he's not my husband but hes my boyfriend. we had been going out for a little over 3 months and before i was with him i was with another guy who i called my first love so it took me a LONG time to TRY and get over it.

so i started going out to skating rinks and i was always with my cousin. and i saw this guy walk in and i asked my friend who he was and he told me his name. and i said WOW HES SO CUTE! and he goes "want me to go talk to him for you" i said NOOO but he did.

so as i was skating he approached me and said yeah so whats your name and asking me about me he looked like he was 16 but he was 18 i was only 14. he had a tattoo on his back and it looked intresting so i asked him if i could see it he said yeah. he was only wearing a white muscle shirt so he already looked even sexier. so he lifted it up and his back was so built and formed and it just made me want him.

but ofcourse i kept thinking of my boyfriend and how i cant do this. but i couldnt help it. after that night we didnt do anything but i went to the skating rink every week and saw him for about 3 weeks. by the 3rd time i saw him we had already been talking on the phone, him telling me things, and i saw him every now and then at  his job at the mall.

i truly felt bad cause of my boyfriend i could tell he was falling madly in love with me, but the truth was i wasnt ready to have a stable relationship at the time i was still hurting from the past so i had to rebel i guess and try a different thing to get over him.

how ever as me and that guy kept seeing each other we hadn't kissed at all but then it just happend we made out and then i stoped and said I CANT DO THIS and walked away.

turns out i never saw him again, deleted him of my friends list, and i found out he has a 2 year old child. now that i think about it i've been with my boyfriend now for 9 months and i truly am in love with him now. im over with the past and i've found someone who i know will not do something like that to me. i really REGRET doing that with that guy. it wasnt really worth it. it just messed up all the faithfulness in my relationship.

so ladies please dont cheat unless you KNOW your not really serious for your guy and think before you do actions believe me it will work out better!

keepwishing keepwishing 16-17, F 1 Response Jun 9, 2008

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Yes when your young we do thins like that but we get over it