I am a 37 year old mother of 4. We have been married for almost 17 years. I recently got in contact with an old friend from high school and really had no intentions of it being anything more than just a chat online with him....well the more we would chat the more I started developing feelings for him and he for me. After a week of chatting we decided to meet up, that first meeting we kissed and talked for 4 hours. The second meeting we slept together and I had absolutly no regret. We met up one more time and had sex again. I want out of my marriage because I am tired of being my husbands doormat. We have a sexless marriage and the only thing we have in common anymore are our kids! I need help!
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Suicide might help

lol just kidding, sleep with as many more as you can so your kids no your worthless ho

Oh cry me a river! Let me guess, you found your old dumbass boyfriend on a social network. You cheated because you wanted to. Now you deserve to be a doormat, and I hope you get stomped on the rest of your life......worthless

Well you got an emotional attachment to someone else, and you had an affair, and you have stopped emotionally to be with your husband, and you have a sexless marriage. What do you think its best for this situation???

It is your *****, use it how you like!

ask for a divorce simple.

As a husband I think keep it a secret.

there is nothing wrong in your case if you are getting something what you dont from a person but keep it as secret

You need to leave or find an arrangement with your husband where he shares you with a lover. It's increasingly common.

how long has the marriage been sexless? is it since long before you got back in contact with your lover?

I guess the question is did you feel like a doormat before you started talking to this guy? Or did the excitement with the new man just make the old one seem dull, and like he's not giving you all this fresh new exciting attention the new man is?

i hear it all the time.
were I work at I am the only one without a sexless life.
in the other 3 they blame it on the wife but I don't hear the wife story since they don't work with me.