She Cheated And Now Does She Want To Cheat With Me?

Been divorced for 2 years and my ex-wife is remarried now. Her hubby travels a lot, but for the last 3 months she seems to be teasing me more and more. Whenever I have to go pick up my kids at her house and her hubby is away at work or on travel she seems to be dressed provocatively. The first few times I was like whatever cause she would simply be wearing a t-shirt with no bra and her nipples were literally poking out (no biggy at first, just a lil weird). Then it went to a white shirt were I could see her dark nipples. Then the new thing was just a t-shirt (no bra) and just her undies as I picked them up early in the morn one day. The last time she wore a short t-shirt (no bra as always) and a nice pair of sexy underwear, but the best part was that she literally laid on the floor to tie my kids shoes with her legs wide open facing me. I got hard instantly. What in the world is she trying to do to me? She doesn't hesitate when she says come in when I knock on the door and SURPRISE
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she dresses like that infront of your children?

Yes she does...her usual PJs for bed have always been t-shirt (no bra) and sometimes shorts or no shorts with her undies. I just didn't expect her to do this now that we aren't together.

well, a ***** will always be a ***** it appears.

You're a lady Miss DieselsMama...what do I do or should I say anything? Like I said before, her usual PJs when we were married was t-shirt and her undies so that's norm I guess for her. I find it weird cause we ain't together no more, but she did it again tonight. I had to drop off my daughters sport shoes for their practice tomorrow this evening as they called last minute and I went over quickly to drop them off and again. Same type of PJs...t-shirt with no bra (nipples poking out) and just her undies. I ignored her mostly cause I just went in to say goodnight to my girls and she asked me a question which forced me to look at her. She knew I was looking but kept talking like nothing. What do you think?

i think your ex wife is a *****. If she cheated on you, and is now trying to cheat on her new husband, I think you should be disgusted with how she acts and not give in to her mind games. If you show interest, she gets what she wants, if you ignore her, she'll persist. She wants what she doesn't have. wether its you, or some other guy.

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sounds like she may be seeing if she can still excite you and see how far you will you still think shes hot looking and does she still turn you on? if so id go up to her from behind and pull her close to have her feel your hard ****,reach up and massage her ****..see what her reaction is and go from there,kissing her neck and ear..if she is a turn off then tell her to stop being a teaseing ****