I Cheated On My Husband With His Close Friend

It all started back in March on a trip with my husband and a group of friends.  One of the guys on the trip has been a friend of my husband for quite some time.  We had a fun time partying and hanging out.  When we returned from our weekend trip, I could not stop thinking about him.  So I texted a mutual friend who was also on the trip and revealed my feelings to her.  She ended up telling him!  A few weeks later she invited me to meet her at a bar and in the meantime he called and met us there.  We ended up talking more, flirting, and eventually we kissed. For the next couple weeks we texted each other, mainly steamy conversations.  Then it abruptly stopped because he said he couldn't do this anymore to his friend (my husband).  But he would call us every weekend to go out and naturally I would.  He would bring various girls with him as dates and admittedly I was a bit jealous.  But over the 4th of July weekend the texting started again and things got very steamy.  We have already had sex twice and the texting continued.  We even went out one night and I had the time of my life.  The night after we went out, he had a party at his house and invited a girl over.  They were all over each other and I was insanely jealous.  But I was at his house with my husband so I had to deal with it.  Now the texting has stopped and I feel so used.  He is, by the way, married but in the process of divorcing his pregnant wife. He also has a reputation as a player.  I can't figure this one out.  I have a handsome, faithful husband who is an excellent father and provider.  Am I just bored? The texting and sneaking around was a thrill.  I don't feel guilty about the cheating, but I feel bad that I haven't heard from this guy.

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youre a sl** how could you not feel bad about cheating??

You really are narcissistic. This story is made up or you are an idiot.Leave your handsome, faithful husband. You, are a ****

Seems faked


Here we go again, yet another train wreck in the making. Do your husband a favor and get divorced so he can go out and find someone who genuinely loves and respects him, like he deserves. You clearly are oblivious to the fact that this betrayal will devastate not only your husband, but also any children you may have (and it doesn't sound like you really care either). Just as most felons end up back in jail after serving their sentences (despite their protestations to the contrary), cheaters like you always do what they do: cheat. Repeatedly.<br />
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I hate to put it this way, but people like you are malignant cancers in our society who rarely are mature enough to realize how much harm they cause the people who love them the most.<br />
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Best of luck.

Do you feel bad for what you did?, I don't get it, why would you do this?

All I can say as a former therapist is if you don't put a stop to this one way or the other right now, it's gong to get way more real than you ever wanted it to for someone who says they still love their husband very much.

Cheating to close to home bad move

hopefully he finds out. Beats the chit out of his friend and phucks your mom. you are a dirty nasty ****

Don't feel guilty about the cheating? I hope your husband cheats on you so you can feel how its like...or maybe you still wont feel guilty i wouldnt be too surprised

If her husband cheats she'll be back on this chat board wailing how she was wrong, what a rat he is, etc. You can see the complete hypocrisy coming a mile away.

I think you like the thrill, since you have nothing to lose. However, dealing with your husband's friend can backfire on you if your bf want to tell. How about droping the whole situation and find someone else to releave the bordom.

That's the problem with cheating. Sometimes we get caught up and make more of it then "just sex".<br />
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That's not wrong, just makes it much more difficult to deal. :(

I think a lot of times, when something is missing in one's marraige (been there, done that), the thrill of being with someone different is very hard to resist. Just because your husband is faithful and a good provider, doesn't necessarily mean that all of your needs are being met. <br />
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I think the thing to do in this case, is to try and learn something from the experience. Obviously, this guy is a pla<x>yer (not unusual coming out of a marriage - again, been there, done that), so you may have just been another notch in his belt, so to speak. It may also be that he started feeling guilty about sleeping with his friend's wife, and backed off for that reason. <br />
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But, if you want to take something positive away from this, you can try to examine what it was that was so thrilling and attractive about him, and see if you can find that again in your marriage. I hope everything works out for you.