My husband cheat on me early in our marriage. I held a lot of anger towards him for years. I really thought I wasn't what he wanted. I made a new acquaintance, he was younger than me and very attractive. He made me feel like the void that I assumed was never filled was finally filled. I finally gave in and had sex with him. The sex was no better than it was with my husband, although my new lover was very well endowed. The more we had sex the less I enjoyed sex with my husband. After about six months I had become accustomed to my lovers size. I started feeling so guilty, I wanted the affair to end. I loved my husband with all my heart and I no longer saw him as the man who hurt me, but the man I betrayed. I would try to end the affair but I missed the sex. I missed the sensation of feeling filled full. I would often fantasize about performing oral sex on my lover. I convinced myself it was love and not sexual. After about another 3 months I got caught. I'm so regretful but at the same time I miss his size. I miss that feeling, being totally satisfied. My husband is a great lover but he still can't give me that.
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