At Time I Have

I have a wonderful husband who gives me great sex and everything I could want

However on a few occasions I have strayed with a few men and women . Most of these times have been when drunk and horny.

I feel guilty at times as he does not know. About the men . He knows I have played with girls on a few occasion as he was present at the time. 
In a drunken state I have had girls lick my ***** but hubby only ****** me.

I am not on EP to find a sex partner, these few situation have occurred when under the influence of alcohol.

I may talk flirty, make comments about wanting to suck and **** other ***** , but in reality I will probably not actually do it. Ep is for fun and sexual teasing in my opinion so if you are looking to hook up forget it.

Also ,lesbian girls you have no chance of hooking up with me. What happened was an exception to my normal behavior so mostly like I will not friend full lesbian.

My confession
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

"drunk & horny" two words when put together have gotten many of us in trouble

you are so wonderful sharing - thank u - and hubby might luv to share u - have u asked him?

Bad girl.

As a husband I would love to know what makes a lady cheat, is it that her husband dose not show her enough interest, or is it just to spice things up for her, I am trying to get my wife interested in ******* another guy, so if you can help

mmmm, id love you to stray with me, xxx