I Am Cheating

2010 I met my hubby in a bar he chased me but I found him weird and ghastly unattractive. wait hold on!
he's a multimillionaire alot of things you can do with money.
Which was worse the wedding or the honeymoon hmm! Thats a close one. I think having to spend time with him was the worst so I go with the honeymoney while on the honeymoon I ran into a lot of hawt guyz!!! being the good little wife that I am nothing happened. A year later I decided that I wanted kids he did too! Kids with him no way jose! So I went to the gym to hire a trainer cos my hubby can afford it, and omg I met a ufc fighter swear to God. He had the whole six pack thing going on which is important cos I really need that for my kid. We started training first in the gym until my hubby got jealous so we begin to train in a room that my converted into a weight room. Thats where the sex thing started. We never had sex on our bed just everywhere else. My hubby has no idea, do you think he'd leave if I told him! Feeling a little bit guilty, however its so obvious that I don't want his kid. Advice needed.
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However weird your husband is he doesn't deserve what you're doing to him. You should tell him how you honestly feel about him, and either he'll change for you or you should leave him, and forget about the money. If this isn't some made up story, it's gonna blow up in your face at some point.

Are you a ***** or what.

Karma gonna bite you in the end how you know personal trainer might want something to do with child but I doubt you thought that threw.

you money hungry **** your such a **** I hope he finds out and kicks your *** to the curb.and does a dna test to prove the child is not his. And with no money how long do you think the 6pak will hang around,so you'll get what you deserve

My advice is stop being a golddigging ***** and shoot yourself or get a ******* job you worthless ****.

This is where Ted Bundy would come in handy. Unfortunately you'll just have to kill yourself.

seriously? you should stop doing this. if you don't love him just divorce!! he deserve decent life too

leave your husband and come date me...Id love you to cheat on me behind my back ;)

Is it nice to feel the guilt eating you..... better change before you get kicked to the curb!

Divorce him.

Do you care about your husband? Telling him might destroy him......use your best judgement.

I think you should get an education fast , he may be a multimillionaire , but sooner or later you will be replaced .

A sensationalist is what I am, preferring experience to material things but yes I am working on the material things too.

the guy who fixes my teeth married a hooker and knows of it as of two years - and still together. Engineer I know married a ******** - she was then caught hanging around 15 year old boys still together. the home builder that built my home married a 10 just recently recently he found a pic of her on the internet sucking another guy off; still together. A dairy farmer I know for 10 years married a bar fly, got married produced a kid only to find out that its not his- still together. another buddy of mine wife was raped 6 times-still together and he is not talking to me after telling him to press charges.