First Time Cheating.

I am currently having an affair with a guy that work with me.  I am the manager of where we work, so its easy for us to stay later then others and have our late night sex once or twice a week.  He's an amazing guy and our sex is awesome that it keeps me wanting more.  We are both married and neither one of us want to leave our partner, but this is what we need to keep ourselves alive.  I myself felt like my marriage was lacking sex from my husband and we've talked and talked, but it still does not change his sex drive.  I did not intend to have an affair it just happened, i know that this affair will have to end pretty soon and i am pretty sad to have to leave this.  I know that its for the best of all parties involved.

On the nights that we have sex, I come home feeling so guilty (which i know i should) and it eats me up inside.  My husband is an amazing man with a heart of gold, its just that he's not satifying me like he once did.  He think that having sex every other week is enough.  If its enough for him great, but what about me?  My sex drive is still normal, I am only 26 years old and i am at my peak.  In the beginning of my affair i have to admit that i started to look at my husband as an ugly slob who does not do anything to keep himself up.  I would give him hints that he's letting himself go and that he should start working out a bit.  Its not even his fault, its just that my lover is very attactive man who has arms of steel.   And in a sinful and selfish way I wanted my husband to look that way.  I know i am wrong.

I wish that our marriage still has that spark it used to have.  I try to give my husband hints to what i need and what will probably make our sex life more exciting and maybe even bring up his sex drive, but he does not seem to think that there is anything wrong with it at all.   I think that being together for almost 10 years might have lots to do with it as well.  Our marriage is too routine.


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Never tell your husband that you have a romance. The self-esteem of men is very delicate. Tell the truth on your needs, take your initiative, women know how. If no changes better get a divorce. Living a lie is torture.

A romance at work is the worst mistake you can make, and if you're the boss and you have sex with an employee is more serious. Be careful it can cost you a lot.

When a woman is not she cared for her man, is easy prey to others.

Evaluate your life and make decisions, defer them only aggravates the situation.

I am male and I have 56 years old.

well first question r you still with this stud?

From what i just read this will not be the last you can hide or tell him and make him a cuck and live a happy marraige or just keep hiding it etherway your haveing fun and sounds like you want more

I don't know what I would do if my wife came up to me and told me something like this... Worse, if I found out about it...

Believe me, I am ok, so long as it is a forgotten story, but I guess, your ongoing one might have greater issues. Its only my guess... But the guilt, yes, its something you will start ignoring and that will be the beginning of the collapse of your family, your being a parent...

Affairs at the work place are really a bad thing.Having been a retail mgr for over 30 years I know how easy it is to get involved with underlings because of the power you have,but don't do it.Break it off before it affects your job and his.Never play where you work it will end badly for all involved and the other employees will find out too.<br />
Work with your husband to change his mind about sex,something must have happened between the 2 of you for the change in his sex drive.

you need to sit down and talk with the hubby, blokes dont get hints, unless they are delivered with a sledge hammer...