And I'm truly sorry. I feel like I've been thrown out of a special club of some sort. Sometimes you might think and wonder if there's something more or better then your wife or husband but please don't cheat. Its not worth it. Really. You know that saying, healthy food tastes nasty and unhealthy foods tastes good? How about the saying, What God has for you is for you and He (God) won't give you to someone whom he's already placed with someone else? Everything happens for a reason and we like to use our trials and tribulations and what we're going through with our mates as an excuse to cheat when really that does nothing to fix our situation it only creates more problems within our relationship. Cheating is lame and stupid and doesn't solve a thing. Talk things out. Go separate ways. Anything but cheat.
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If things don´t work between two, best thing to do is be honest and go separate ways. It´s not easy but life isn´t easy.


Cheating is an over-rated concept. Sex is a physiological necessity. I am sure you do not eat the same food everyday, as much as you mix and toss it, still the same. Sex and cheating if not connected to emotions is great, once emotions are in place, well trouble begins and we all cheat in one way or the other, be cool be safe =)

Lem'me **** your wife then, I want a "different food" to taste -_- ...

I think each to his/her own, but you clearly are bothered by your actions and are experiencing a lot of guilt. The one piece of advice I have is get counseling for yourself and do not tell your husband if it really is going to be a one time thing. Frankly telling him to make yourself feel better is just another selfish act if he has no clue.

A lot of people cheat, men and women, so don't beat up on yourself. If it is not for you then continue your life and consider it a venture that was not good and do not do it again. No one is perfect and adultery is only one of the sins in life. I hope your marriage is stronger because of what you have done. Sometimes that happens.

I agree entirely and I wish you the best going forward!


Doesn't solve a thing.