A Blast From The Past

It was over two years ago and two days before my husbands birthday. Things were rocky between us since his father had moved in. I wasn't comfortble with the arrangements and pappy audibly got his freak on while I was home one day. My laments kept falling on deaf ears as we grew further apart. I started longing for  someone to treat me better. I was constantly thinking about my ex and the amazing sex we used to have. Those thoughts led to a phonecall that led to a date that ended with me having one of the longest ******* ever. He put his mouth everywhere, there were no restrictions. His eager mouth washing away my guilt. It happened again the following week .There was so much sexual energy there, it was like we were radiating off eachother. I just couldn't go all the way as much as I yearned to. My girl friend was going through a really bad break up so I introduced her to my ex, it hurt like hell but I had to. They are now happily married and expecting their first child. I'm still not over that full body french kiss. Things got better between my husband and I and pappy moved out!  

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When I used to talk to wives in therapy about old flames and first loves when they used to break it down to themselves logicaly, they never were as great as they made them out to be thats why there either first or old and not now.

Dont be stupid, wfw35. Dont be stupid like the other losers. You know nothing about him so don't presume he give his hand the same task you do with yours.<br />
And how do you know its not a fantasy this story, not a real "liveing" story?...

who the hell are you shoulden't be on here it is plain to read he is maybe early teens that likes to try and trash real liveing people. I would think his hand is probably the only ***** he has ever had so to the point hope you don't let this jerk bother you.

Yeah.<br />
<br />
Moron.<br />
Because cheating on your husband<br />
when you feel like it...<br />
is the smart thing to do.<br />
<br />
Every single one of you<br />
needs a spiky ***** up the ***.<br />
Well 2 spiky dildoes.<br />
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The extra one is for your intense stupidity.<br />
<br />
<br />
Besides,<br />
you probably already have Herpes.

**** happens! Don't worry about "WhoTheHellAreYou"...apparently they have some issues.

Ignore the moron from above.. Bill

No guilt, huh?<br />
<br />
I hope your husband cheats on you,<br />
contracts Herpes,<br />
and infects your sorry *** with it.<br />
<br />
Although you deserve much worth,<br />
you little piece of ****.<br />
<br />
Have a nice day!