When I First Cheated On My Husband


    When I first cheated on my husband, was when we came back from our honeymoon.  A year before we got married we were living together and I got pregnant.  And then I ended up getting an abortion. I felt so hurt and at the same angry, because I REALLY wanted to have our first child.  Three weeks after, getting married one night my husband went out to find out about a new job. He wanted to find a second job. At the time he already had a full-time job working for 8-9  hours six days a week. And now he wanted a job working evenings.

    That same night I received a phone call from a boy who I knew in high school.  My brother had given him my phone number. At first I didn't recognize the sound of his voice.  He called me to inform me about a high school reunion . And if I would be interested in helping him to find other students who would like to have a class reunion. As it turn out this guy was calling me, because he wanted to see him again. In high school we once dated off and on. I don't know if he knew that I was married.  And then he asked if we could get together. So when we met I had imagined that it would just be to have coffee, but we ended up going back to his apartment.  

     For several weeks, we would get together at his apartment.  Until one day when he suddenly came onto me and kissed me.  We ended up in his bed together, but we never had sex, instead he just touched me to satisfy me manually.  When I got home that night I called him on the phone and said I can never sleep with someone who doesn't care about me.  After that we never saw each other again.  I confessed to my husband what I had done.

      It was the first time I caught my husband drinking he was sitting up late at night drinking, because of what I had told him. about cheating on him. I know that I hurt him deeply and thought for sure that he would want to divorce me, but we never got a divorce.  I just swore that I would never be unfaithful to him again. And we never discussed it again. 




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8 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Was this years ago? Anyway, I don't know how it would work... Your husband drank it away! Most wouldn't? I don't know

Amazing that you told him. Even more amazing he didn't react

very good wife add me please

Well maybe we could get together and have a relationship of our own.I post naked pictures of myself on my EP stories.If any thing else maybe we could be online friends.

Hi there I read your story and thought I would like to comment, I agree with one of the comments on here that said you should not have told your husband, after all you did the deed although there are circumstances that effected you at the time. You obviousley felt guilty which suggests that you love your husband. By telling him it just helped you overcome your fear and guilt, but its also hurt him a great deal. I understand because my wife was unfaithful to me after 20 years of marraige and although we are still together today it is never the same. Being unfaithful is not totally about sex but its the betrayal of all confidences and belief in your wife as a true partner. I still love my wife and believe she loves me so I stayed because I feel now I was a coward and did not have the strength to leave I could not face my life without her in looking back I am not sure that was the correct decision. I lost my true friend and my life the day she told me I would rather have not known and still have everything in my life. I hope it works out for you I think for some people it can and it depends on how long you were married. I wish you the very best

It is your responsibility to be faithful and you failed

Telling him was not cool, you should have kept it to your self as your burden and not load it on him. HMO

Thank you for sharing. I hope writing this was theraputic for you