Well Not Our Wedding Night But Close...

My wife has had lovers on and off during our 20+ marriage. Usually she is very open about an interest & sometimes things happen and I find out after the fact.

She had a younger lover who was very turned on by the mere fact she was married and playing. He seemed to be very competative and thought he was getting over on the poor unknowing husband, me.

He was adventerous sexually and my wife enjoyed their times together to say the least. They had played in our bed multiple times when I was away, across the hood of my sportscar and once with her bending over our Harley...while in the hospital for a few night for something minor he stayed at my home & he was not beyond calling while I was home and suggesting she tell her husband that she needed to go shopping for a bit. They would then find a convienient hotel and tear each other up for an hour or two...he would occasionally leave small bite marks on her breasts as though to flaunt the relationship. My wife had told him that when he did that she couldn't risk sex with me because I would see...(of course I knew but he didn't know I knew...") ) So he would leave hickeys on her breasts telling her it turned him on because when he did, he knew she would have to deny me sex or they would get found out...he was very ego driven to say the least.

There came the time for our anniversary and he knew it was coming up. So he made her an offer of a weekend away to a very very posh place. But she had to bring her wedding dress so he could f*** her in it...

My wife still fits her dress beautifully and is still stunningly attractive and looks younger than her true age. She thought about it for maybe a whole minute and agreed (we had made plans for a week or so later because of my job commitments). So off they went for "our" anniversary weekend.

When she returned home, she was worn out & very sexually content...she told me that he had taken her as his wife. They had actually pretended to have gotten married and appeared in their hotel (Vegas) as bride and groom. They spent time receiving congratulations from other patrons and the satff before going up to their suite & then waited until the actual time of our marriage which had been 1pm.

At 1pm she was on her knees for him in her gown, veil, jewelry and lingerie, just as she had dressed when I married her. Soon they were on the bed and she told me she came repeatedly and he had one of the largest ******* of any man she has ever been with. She said he almost passed out when she began to tell him how much better he was & beg him for it and how badly she wanted to feel his explosion in her...

They had sex often over the next few days sometimes in her wedding attire. He also took hundreds of photos of her posing for him and actually engaging in oral sex and intercourse while in her dress. When she returned home the dress had to be cleaned because of the "pleasure" all over it.

That was a few years back but she still remembers it fondly. As to her lover he moved on and is now a memory. But I can't help but think of the enjoyment he had with her on our wedding day and that he no doubt still has the photos to prove it.
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Those young guys love ******* that older, married *****. But did you get copies of the photographs?

Brash young Bastard! Do you care?