My Cheating Story

I didn't really set out to cheat but I guess I've always been more into the chase than the catch. My wife and I married when we were both in grad school and I was still working in a bar. Most of the other staff were young and nice to look at but that was the extent of my interest. There was another waitress who was what we call a lifer and working in a bar was her career. She was married with two daughters and was cute in that mid 30's, I'm trying to hold on to my youth look. What started as very innocent flirting ended up being a full on affair and was I pretty close to being caught at a few times. I was pretty bored in my own marriage at the time and I thought it was fun having sex with a women 10 years older but as soon as she told me that she loved me and wanted to leave her husband I realized YIKES I gotta get out of here!! She was fun to ****, nothing like ******* an appreciative older women, and the chase was fun but both my wife and I were soon to graduate and leave that city and that was the end of that. That was about 10 years ago and that was the one and only affair. My wife and I are still married with three kids and I realize I'm pretty lucky to have a great wife.
conradcook conradcook
Dec 9, 2012