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we got together in private was at 8 am , he seemed really nervous and I really thought he was going to back out on the whole thing. I told him 'we don;t have to do this if you don't want to go through with it' -- but he assured me that he had waited a really long time for this and it was all he had thought about for months ..... so , we went to a motel room. Awkward, oh it really was , but he was so cute and a little embarrassed by his 'farmer's tan' as he called it. I thought it was perfect, the contrast of his really pale skin, and the freckles where he was exposed to the sun, and it was cold in the room so he was sort of shivering I guess from the temperature and maybe he was a little nervous. But after I put my arms around him and gave him a kiss he was more at ease and relaxed. It was the first time either of us had been with anyone except our spouses for a many, many years. And of course you can figure out the rest of the story, We were each other's lover for the next couple of years. He called me recently and told me how much he missed having someone to touch, and of course it made me cry because i feel the same. But we both have schedules , and they are not easily changed so... he is my sweet memory.
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the cheating opened her eyes more than anything and dont foget she was being cheated of intamacy

don't cheat. is not cool

I have to say I'm currently in a marriage with someone I dont love and there is absolutely no intimacy. It's not something you can fake..not well at least. I've been contemplating something similar and thought I was horrible for even thinking it and i should. I'm sure you feel badly about doing this too, but not so much that you didn't. And why is that? I mean, I was always so quick to judge those who cheated, but until you're in this situation you just can't do that.<br />
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I haven't left my husband, because it would kill him more than it's killing me to stay. Neither one of us could afford it financially's a hard spot to be in. I don't know what will end up happening, but feel safe to know there's some sort of outlet I have to try to talk about it. I'm glad you have somewhere you can talk about it.

Our world has gone to hell when so many of our generation are so quick to congratulate someone for being too weak to leave her husband and having sex with someone else. Let me say that you both are destroying each others marriage. The ability to throw away your morals and standards is a hallmark of today's youth. We are a generation of waste, throwing away everything and not looking back. I recommend counseling or at the very least LEAVING your husband. If he doesn't do it for you why even stay? Answer: You are weak and have no sense of right and wrong. <br />
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As an aside, it would serve you right if he was less careful than you and his wife found out. For her to call your husband and explain the situation would be something you and him deserve.

you are sooo right

Very very sweet!


Sure is nice to have a lover<br />
The intimacy, the fun, stuff you get to do, the open-ness<br />
Messy delicious fun<br />
And you can say almost anything you want not to mention all the<br />
Wonderful nasty things you get to do or have done to you<br />
Ahhh yes

I'm sorry that it hasn't lasted for you. I can feel the high you both were on at that first motel meeting. What a rush and as you said it is a sweet memory for you.