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I Cheated On My Boyfriend And He Hit Me Please Give Me Some Advice

Okay a couple nights ago I went clubbing and saw a gorgeous looking guy. I sat down and had a drink with him and halfway through I realized this was a guy my boyfriend hated but he was so hot I couldn't resist I left and was too drunk to go home and realized I had a housekey to my boyfriend's house so I went with him and let us in and we were on the couch about to have sex and the guy said" No let's **** in your boyfriend's bed I agreed and we went. We were having sex and I heard the door opened and realized I made a huge mistake. My boyfriend called my name I tried to hide my boy toy but he pulled me and kissed me on the bed. My boyfriend came into the room and demanded to know what was going on. I hide behind the guy and he got bold and said" I tripped and my **** landed in your girlfriend sorry." My boyfriend was pisssed and hit the guy but he was drunk and uncoordinated and he got beat up. After the guy left I teased my boyfriend and said' It sucks to be you right now' like Beyonce in the video. He asked why I did what I did and I repeated the joke from earlier. He got pissed he cursed me out and called me a **** and ****. I was so hur he'd say mean things like that o me that I punched him in his face which isn't bad because I am a woman and he is a man he can take it anyway. He said stop it but I hit hm again out of anger then he said " ***** hit me one more tima and i'm kicking your ***". Out of curiosity I spit in his face and kneed him in his balls I think it's hilarious when guys get hit there. Well he got up and I saw the evil look in his eyes he tackled me and punched me in my face about 15 times then threw me out the house naked he didn't even let me get dressed. He turned the sprinklers on and I was so so cold I threw up. He hasn't apoligized and he's been on twitter and facebook telling everyone what happened and turns everything around on me. I didn't mean it I was drunk he didn't mention that I love him with all my heart please help me how do I get him back.
hbic3595 hbic3595 22-25, F 72 Responses Apr 4, 2012

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I would have burnt your smelly *** **** with a ****** blow torch, cut your **** off with a dull knife. Then hunt down the **** sucker u cheated with, busted him in the head, took him in the woods and nailed his **** to a ****** stump, piled some brush around him, pour gas on the brush, put a hatchet in his hand, set the brush on fire. then he would have a choice no **** or burn to death Any questions *****

I am really curious whether commentors are just playing along, or are truly oblivious to the fact that this is a troll?

You do not deserve someone at all if you're going to treat them that way.
It's against my morals to resort to violence, but you learned the hard way. Hope it keeps you in line.

i would have choped your **** off hung you upside down and torchured you until death. you bitche are only good for breeding more men. when someone asks "do you want a boy or a girl" i ******* say "do you want a boy or an abortion *****". get in the kitchen you ***** and make me a sandwhich. you cheated he should of burried you alive in a coffin with a box of matches.

Two wrongs never make right!!

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You are lucky. If you were my girlfriend I'd have hung you upside down and bled you like a pig. A nice slice from ear to ear and I'd stand there and enjoy watching you die. My ex girlfriend cheated on me, she doesn't own a set of teeth anymore and I kept them as a momento after I picked them up from the floor. ****** get beaten, ****** aren't equal to women.

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u disrespectful to your man saying that the lad u ****** was gorgeous u belittle ur man if he had done it to you would have been screaming but cos ur woman it alright to cheat on a man. ***** u rat . u actions could ur send man to prision and it will be ur own damn fault.

You deserve it & Much worse actually. Stupid *****

well said mate she crossed the line in her boyfriend house if that was me l get a girl to mash her up.
Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Do what you did to u boyfriend only to the other guy and in front of u boyfriend

you sound like the scum of the earth he should have flat out killed you

***** stfu, sit down, and keep your legs closed... you got what you deserved. .you weren't too drunk to recall the whole event. Slutbucket and had the nerve to make a joke, spit on him, and knee him...he did right he shldve broke your damn hip and all the bones in ur face..I hate a cheating *** woman ughhh

Would you punch your girlfriend in her belly or breasts if she cheated or would you forgive her?

I would if I were a man

Have you ever been punched in your belly?


What if you cheated? What if your BF tied your wrists above your head then punched you in your belly and boobs? Would you think that is deserving? His fist will slam hard into your lower belly? Your bellybutton and possibly your boobs. That will hurt.

What if I cheated????????????????? WHAT??????????


I think he has some weird fetish. I think that's why he keeps asking. Either that, or his mind is stuck in the stupid, double standard, middle-ages "Never-hit-a-woman" ideolagy.

I hate people who alwyas protect the victims. Why don't they think victims are to blame too? Nobody hurts someone for no reason

Some people do, though. Some people are truely evil, and inflict suffering with literally no provocation. For example, people that torture/rape/kill people just for momentary pleasure. Those people have almost no decency or mercy.

I didn't meant mentally sick people. I mean normal people don't hurt without a reason. If aguy hits a woman then she proked him unless he's mentally ill

I understand that you will not cheat becouse you love your man. That is awesome. Am I understanding you right. If you were a man and he dated ( let's say you) and you cheated. You ( if you were a man) would punch you in your belly ). So your saying it is ok to punch a girl for cheating? Don't be mad at me, I'm confused with this story and trying to understand.

If I were a guy and my gf cheated I would send her to Hell.

I take that as she would get a severe belly punching. Now I understand. Let me ask this. You and your BF are out in a dance hall. A girl approaches your man. He tells her he is wth you but she thinks he is cute. In the restroom her and a friend corner you. Your arms held behind your back. Nine solid punches strike your belly. Four directly to your bellybutton. Your boobs are painfully jabbed and when your down her friend kicks you in your khunt. The next time you see her do you hunt her down like the pig she is or do you stay silent. You have friends this time.

Why they hit me?

Just a hypothetical thought. She wants your BF. He told her he likes you. She is mad then jumps you out of anger becouse she can't have him. That's when she jumps you. Her friend holds your arms behind your back when you go to the restroom. (Unfair fight). After she unbuttons your shirt, she punches you in your exposed belly.

First My bf won't let them hit me. Second I will call the police. Third I will hit her back

First, your in the RR. Your BF won't know. Second. You may call the police but it will be after several fists slam your belly. Third. Your arms are held behind your back, all you do is accept being punched. It doesn't matter anyway. You are totally devoted to him and that is awesome. Sometimes it seems real love doesn't exist. Where is Leave It To Beaver and other shows. I hope you and him have many years and several children. I hope your not upset.

What the hell does true love have to do with someone hitting me?

We are in the same book but different pages. I'm saying you love your boyfriend. He loves you. Another girl wants your boyfriend. She can't have your boyfriend. She becomes angry and punches you. True love is what is keeping you and him together and her away. Like I said, I think it's awesome. The world needs more couples like you. Actors and actresses, musicians, and famous people get married for what? A month or two. Maybe a year. Love is forever. The girl after your BF is the outsider. She wants in. You deny her. She is angry with you. She punches you. She thinks if your gone, she gets him. That is what your love is locking together. Show these responses to a friend if your still not understanding. Just remember, I'm complimenting what you are doing and what you have.

I would never ever marry a celebrity. I want to have true love. No matter who hits love never dies

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You got what you deserved you should never cheat no matter what reason you may have for doing it... He may have hit you but you clearly had it coming & he deserves better (hopefully found it by now. Your nothing but a cheating ***** that gives a free pass to your dirty little fanny to any hot stranger you see in a night club... Don't waste your time looking for a Genuine guy either they'll throw you in a black bag where you belong.

U cheated on him. In his bed.
He was disrespected by guy #2
U Spat in his face
Punched him in the face and thought it was okay
You made a mockery out of him
You don't deserve him. You provoked him. I have no sympathy u put ur hands on him men have feelings too. You weren't drunk enough to black out you remember what you did you knew what you were doing.

Do him a favor and leave him alone nobody should have to deal with that kind of crap. Be a lady not to b rude but grow up and learn to control yourself. Don't drink if your not responsible and u even said that other guy was so "hot" you don't care u just want him to feel sorry for u
I would never look at another man other than my boyfriend no one else I see is irresistible it's called being faithful

the ***** aint loyal so chris brown song is right about some ******* aint loyal likethis lady story.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

It's sure nice to see people that don't buy into the "women have the right to treat men however they please" philosophy. All too often, women take advantage of this. I was taught this philosophy myself. As a result, girls and women mistreated me often until I started retaliating. As a former abused man/boy, I stand up for the rights of others. You have no right to mistreat others regardless of your anatomy "down there".

but honestly, please kill yourself. you truly don't deserve to live. you may be wondering if you're a bad person, but that's because you ARE. I know you may be feeling down right now. you deserve to feel this way. you don't deserve to be alive. right now, all I can hope for is that this was just a joke, and that the isn't really someone in this world that is a ******* stupid as you. so please, if you see this, comment that it's a joke. if not, like i said earlier, please kill yourself, and do us all a favor.

Seriously. Yea what she did was wrong in so many ways. But "kill yourself"? If you see this, comment that its a joke, if not i recommend you to see a psychologist, you need some profesional help. I swear some people should not be allow to comment.

***** you deserve what you got. you ASSAULTED your (thankfully) ex boyfriend, and he acted in pure self defense. you are a terrible, useless ***** of a girl, who dosn't deserve what you got. you should have had the **** kicked out of you. he should have beat you to a pulp. i hope that some day soon, you kill yourself, and ride the world of useless pieces of **** like you

and once again, please, PLEASE kill yourself. I can assure you that killing yourself would bring your ex peace, and that killing yourself would stop you from taking food, water and air away from the rest of us. you truly are, in all sense of the world, and waste of space and a useless human being. I hope that one day, you do the right thing and kill yourself

If you were going to beat her up, would you prefer her to be standing with her arms held behind her back or tied above her head. You can only punch her in her breasts, belly and crotch.

**** that I'm glad your bf did that to you. Trying to make yourself look like the victim is just pathetic on your part. You make it seem like nothings wrong cheating and I don't blame your boyfriend for doing all that. I wouldve done the same. He did the right thing and deserves way better than a cheating **** like you. Perhaps you'll never learn dear child

LOL haha! hate to say it but you kinda got what you deserved


Being drunk is not a good excuse to cheat especially if you love him with all your heart as you claim. He didn't have a right to hit you but him telling everyone what happened is because he is hurt.

you are an idiot. u deserve to be shot

Would you shoot her in her heart for a quick death or put three bullets in her belly and let her bleed out?

You deserve it you heartless b!tch.

You deserve that *****. I caught my girlfriend cheating, I punched her in our teeth, swift roundhouse kick broke her leg, the next day I called up her job and got her fired. I told her work she was on drugs. You ****** out there that cheat, if you cheat on me I will kill you. That ***** has no job no she is on drugs, Thanks to my revenge, She is in the gutter and homeless. I really ****** up her life for cheating. My advice to you cheating women, don't do it because I will kill you or somebody else will.

Good luck on that once you break that trust its done if you love him let him go so he can be with someone he can trust it will never be the same between you two. And you should move on to and learn from this never to do that again.

Haha dumb ***** you got what was coming too you... What did you think? You were Gona **** some guy ur bf hated in his house in his bed n talk **** to him after? I would've knocked you the **** out cold then took pics of you naked n put EM up on Facebook google then would've told everybody you have AIDs n herpies damn I hope the worst for you for the rest of your stupid slutty life

I was cheating on my BF with another guy I met at the gym. We sneaked around for about 2 months before my BF caught on. We were out drinking and returned home. I ******** to my panties ready for bed. He starts quizzing me. I lie and deny but he keeps asking. He wants me to admit it. My arms are grabbed, tied together then hooked high above my head. Let me go, I demand. Are you seeing someone, he asked? No, I yell. He gets right in front of me and I see drunken anger. 9 times he slams his fist into my stretched belly leaving me breathless and panting. My full weight is hanging on my wrists and they ache. Now he shows me a photo on his phone of me and my new friend kissing. I'm untied and he leaves. I lost my BF and the other guy broke up with me 2 weeks later. Now I'm alone and looking for another BF.

you are an idiot. u deserve to be shot

Why am I an idiot? It was an attraction. I couldn't help myself. What part of my body would you shoot me? My belly so I die slow. Tied spread eagle then shot between my legs? Would I be tied to a tree, have my wrists tied above my head or would you let me run then hunt me down?

wat if ur boyfriend done to u .

This has got to be a joke to make us angry.. If it is, well done, you have made a bunch of people angry. If it's true, you don't deserve a boyfriend.. You sound like a horrible person and You dont deserve the pity that you crave.