Forgiving Myself

I was feeling especially low because I am currently fighting with my husband and the topic of my indiscretions while we were dating came up. Whenever it gets to that I get this feeling of worthlessness and its so overwhelming and consuming. I feel like nobody will ever love me and I will continue in the spiral. Its hard to be the cause of the turmoil, and to be the one to have made the mistake, but there are ways to move on. When we can forgive ourselves, then we are able to give ourselves to others without guilt.

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"People often give up on their relationships because they cheated. The guilt causes the cheater as well as the dieter to want to start over with a clean slate. So, the dieter goes on a binge and decides to start fresh with a new diet. Likewise, the cheater does the same thing - they give up on their relationship and they decide to start fresh with a new partner. If you can see the insanity in this behavior in terms of dieting then you should also be able to see the insanity in this behavior when it comes to relationships. A dieter with this type of mentality will most likely never lose weight; instead they will simply keep going back to the beginning, or in other words, starting over. If you apply this same logic to your relationship, expect the same results; plan to continue going back to the beginning to start over again with a new partner.

In the future, if you start to feel guilty about this again, I want you to read the following paragraph. In fact, reread it every time you catch yourself starting to feel even a twinge of guilt:

My relationship is not tarnished because of my behavior. I made a bad choice; however, no single decision has the potential to define who I am. I have not lost anything from this experience except the ignorance which is necessary to judge myself and others. I will forgive myself today - only by doing so will I be able to love and give again to the people around me"
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May 12, 2012