I'm 17 and I cheated on my boyfriend of a year in a half, twice. Was drunk both times - the first occasion even more so, the second occasion I almost kissed him again but ended up kissing his friend instead. Can't even begin to describe how bad I felt - the guilt was unreal, especially when it happened a second time round.

Ended up telling my boyfriend because I knew it'd be wrong not to - he was crushed. Thing's arent exactly back to normal but we're getting there, just glad he's chosen to forgive me, because I know I probably don't deserve it.
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Mistakes are part of life and it's what you learn from. Personally, I think it is easier to confess your mistakes for you. You may think you have cleared your conscious and you have but you have to consider the grief it may have on your boyfriend. You transferred your guilt. Take the lesson learned and try not to make the same mistake again but if you do try to keep it to yourself. Confessions make you feel better but has a hard affect on your boyfriend. Good luck.<br />