No Under 18s!! I Cheated Dirty (; And I Don't Regret Any Of It!

It was a breathtaking moment. I watched as my boyfriend left the room to go to the bathroom. I was left alone with another boy, who was more attractive than my own boyfriend. With a wicked grin, he nodded at me. Smiling shyly, I nodded back. He moved closer to me. I leaned towards him. He whispered in my ear. With a satisfied smirk, I sank on my knees to the floor. He remained standing. I reached my fingertips to the floor, and found the game board. Then I stole $300 of my boyfriend's monopoly money, and I beat him. His friend and I have never told him how I cheated in the monopoly game :D
RosalieSmith RosalieSmith
6 Responses May 25, 2012

Thank you for the story.

Haha, that was very funny...

Haha! Unfaithful indeed!

Very good!

brilliant and very funny!!thank you!!!

Lol good trick