I Did It. I Finally Did It.

I used to say i'd never do something like this but...I did it. And I dont regret any minute of it, it was amazing. I love my boyfriend I have been with him for 3 years and im not leaving him. I just have to get this dirty memories out of my chest. Not for any sensitive under 18 year-old. I warned you.

I had been flirting with this guy since february, and we met once but we only kissed, Then we were confused and felt both a little bad so we stopp talking. The thing is recently we've started to be in touch again and he is my human drug. Today I met with him and I was so nervous at first, then we went to his apparment and a small inocent kiss here, another kiss over there... "Are you hungry" and he melted chocolate and spare ir over my belly...lick it, and then over my chest. Damn he is hot. Passionate kiss. "Wanna move to the living room?" "Wanna move to the bedroom?" I felt he was hesitating but i was so turned on I was not going to let him spoil the moment. We started kissing and touching until the air was so hot for clothes to be nothing but an obstacle. Damn it I think he is hestinating again..let me show what is good. Once we started we couldnt stop, his **** inside of me felt so good, our sweaty skins couldnt be more close...

He drove me to the train station. He is so sweet (and funny and hot and adorable and sexy). No one but you guys (and probably his neighbours) will ever find out.
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2 Responses May 27, 2012

Niceee... <br />
great story thank you for sharing .. <br />
<br />
I'm married and I don't plan on leaving my wife .. but I feel this urge too<br />
<br />
tell me it wasn't only that once that you guys did it ;)

Great story glad you enjoyed it