GOT a bestfriend when i was in highschool.
he was secretly in love with me.
time came when he finally told me.
and i was like,
*******! i felt betrayed and all.
but towards the end of our junior year,
idk how but we dated for several months.
he knows everything about me.
he knows that i was overly in love with someone else
way before he told me he is in love..

later, senior year.
the guy i was in love with asked me out.
and i did.
i kept it for over a week from my bestfriend/boyfriend
but he found out.
my heart was broken coz
when he found out
all he did was hug me, shed a tear,
and whispered,
"i know, i know.. may you find real happiness with him.
I love you and i'm letting you go."
im consumed by guilt like big deal.

well, after all.. we are still best friends now.
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Sep 16, 2012