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Hi, I am 17. I have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years now, it is long distance and I only see my boyfriend once a week if that (he lives over 10 miles away and we cannot drive yet). I went to a mates 19th, was slightly tipsy he kept texting me suggestively. He asked me to go outside we made out lots then he walked me home and we made out some more and he got his 'thing' out and I touched it. He kept saying please have sex with me, and pushing me against stuff. I kept trying to get away but he wouldn't let me. He nearly put his 'thing' in but I legged it. I feel so bad, however my relationship is very boring and the sex side of it is rubbish as I can't even feel him inside of me. The guy keeps asking me to go to his obviously for sex, I won't as that is definitely cheating but it's all I can think about as I want to know what sex actually feels like as I can't even feel my bf in me.
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I think at 17 you've already been in your relationship too long. So has your bf. you two need to end it and move on to other relationships. Don't cheat on him, be the adult and end it. Then explore other relationships guilt free.

he is like 4 inch and sex is so awkward with him I just fake it so it ends

nope white about 5 foot 10 or 11