I'm So Guilty But So Pleasured

I've been dating my bf for about 3 weeks now, I had dated a huy before for about 2 years and he took my virginity 4 months ago and we had sex 4 times befote breaking up, well my bf and I we don't really have any plans to do anything sexual but since the last time I had sex with my boyfriend at the time id been craving it so bad, well today my bestfriends ex and I were hanging out in a little secluded spot just smoking and talking well I was wearing a skirt and he began looking up my skirt and started to finger me, I said no I have a bf but it felt so good and I couldn't even say no, he whips it out and I just lost complete control, we had sex 3 times and I gave him a BJ and he ate me out, I couldn't even believe how amazing it was, he had me screaming in pleasure. I saw my bf later in the day and just burst into tears from guilt i just had to get it off my chest
hiddenbabe hiddenbabe
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012