In The Army

I was at a buddys house. I don't remember how it started just that his young wife sucked my **** in their frontroom on the couch while he was in the shower. It was just so intence, the whole situation and all. When I herd him turn the shower off I came hard in her mouth. From then on thats all she wanted to do. Suck and eat my ***. Everytime I was around her my **** would jump. And she would get all glassy eyed and flushed. Her hands would shake. She would get more daring. Sucking my **** with company in the next room. It was more exciting knowing that she was married. Looking down at her with her wedding ring on milking my ****. I realized that a nice strong **** could bring any women to her knees, and that I had no control over my myself. I do feel bad about it now that I'm older. I should have never done that to my buddy. I didn't know about cuckold back then. Maybe he wouldn't have mind. Guess I'll never know.
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DarkBlueStar? I know that you liked my story:) Because you read and comment on all those bad, nasty **** stories. You should become gay, or maybe you are! That way you won't get hurt by those bad woman. I got another story that you might like! I got drunk with Army friend, passed out, and later woke up with him sucking my ****! Well, I let him finish me off. The next morning I left and didn't have anything to do with him. He finally got the hint that I wasn't interested. But **** it. Can't change what happen. You ever feel like doing something like that? Hard to pass up a good blow job. When I was your age I could **** all night, everyday. As soon as I'd *** my balls would fill back up. When I was your age I made some bad dessions, but I had a good time. Now I'm luckey to *** twice a week! Drinking and ******* was what I learn to do in the service.

Here's another little tidbit. Becuase of some accident, he only had one ball. Where as I had two big young FULL balls, for her young hungry mouth. :)

You still have no honor, you are reduced to decieving your way threw life.

Hay, It happen a long time ago. We were both young and full of passion. I'm OLD now and miss being young and foolish. Can't change anything. Hell, it happens all the time. That's why the divorce rate is so high in the militery. What do you want me to say? I'm sorry?

Your a ****** friend, good thing he never got hurt watching your back.

Ok, we wern't friends. My **** and his wifes mouth were though!!!!

I remember year's ago, my husband & I would play cards all night with another couple. If the spouses only knew what was going on under the table... well needless to say, I enjoyed card nights. This was like 15 years ago and to this day H has no clue. yummy

I've been with a few married women afterwards and like it more than being with single women. It's just more exciting and I come harder.