Wife First Time Cheating

I have always enjoyed my wife cheating on me. Can not explain it. I was divorced and
re married and my currant wife wa reluctant. I kept teasing her about how I new she wanted to **** other guys. And I reassured her that I did not mind. One day recently she told me she was going to the bar with a friend to have a few drinks, I knew she was just testing out the waters, would probably make out and come home. She called me and told me she was having a good time, and also mentioned that she assumed that I had figured out she was out with another man. Another hour or so went by and I get a phone call she told me she was alright got to making out with the guy and would be home soon. She called me less thana half hour later and asked me if I was mad at her. I asked her why I would be mad. Then she told me she just ****** him in his car, I didn't believe her. She then said she would be home soon. As soon as she arrived home she told me she loved me and went into the bed room knowing I would follow her, when I went in she was laying on the bed naked spread eagle knowing I would not hesitate to go down on her, as soon as I burried my face in her ***** I knew she had not lied to me.
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been about a month since you posted this story. she still ok with it. i hope you both are...

she's a keeper! you lucky bastard!

Does she plan on ******* him again?