Day 6 :l

Still feeling washed down, woke up screaming last night, not doing so well. I'm still very nervous he might find out, then our relationship is definitely over.. This is the type of person he is.. ill prob relax little bit more after 2 months? I suppose. Then I ll know it ll prob never come out. As I said in previous posts, I haven't even thought I would find myself in this situation, I have never thought of cheating, I just watched **** when we had arguments to cheer myself up.. that could be the first mistake I made.. that led to what I've done. Beside that I wouldn't even dear to think of cheating on my partner. That's why I have decided not to tell him. As it was a mistake, unplanned, drunken, stupid mistake. He has made mistakes, and I've got over them and I have made them. I don't think he would think of it as a mistake tho. I wouldnt if he did it... :((((( good luck to everyone who's in the same situation, were not bad characters we just made wrong choices, just don't repeat them.
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Dec 7, 2012