Cheating Is Cool

Yeah cheating is so cool. My wife cheated on me for two years she only just came out and told me. She wanted to be with someone else and wanted me out of the way. My children are now devastated I see them maybe once a fortnight at best. They hate living with her because she is mean nasty and shouts at them. She believes they respect her but they are scared of her, which will cause issues for them when they get bigger. We now have horrible interactions she blames me for her cheating I refuse to call her by her name to me she is just a slightly and I use that when I speak to her. She has no respect for me and I none for her now. I did truly love her and I was heartbroken and so we're the kids. Anyone who strays outside of a marriage male or female is committing get a terrible moral crime. Now the only do they destroy their own chances of living a truly happy and fulfilled life they also take away that opportunity format their children and their spouse. The cheating spouse should have the decency to leave the marriage and the children, they should not haven't automatic right to a family life. The children should reside withheld non cheating spouse as they have demonstrated that they are more committed. Cheating spouses should be villified in the same way we treat others who destroy families. Modern society has become so used to spouses who cheat and marriage breakdowns that we accept it as being normal. The temptation to cheat is immense it would seem as though it is actually the better thing to do. Really though the people who seem the happiest are not the ones who look for ways to be happier but the ones who stick with what they already have and learn to love and live with their spouses. People who have multiple partners generally tend to be lonely. Sure they may have a partner but really they are on their own. It's just a callous temptation to believe that cheating is better, it destroys the cheaters life and the families they belong to, and yes if you are married and have kids you belong to a family. You life is n
ot your own because the actions and the decisions you take effect others.
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I know how you feel man! Sucks big time!

I just got married July 2014 , only to find out I've always been the other woman up to and including my wedding day . It's the most horrible feeling in the world . He still denies even tho I've confronted him and his gfs . Even had one email me telling me of their cheating . We have 7 kids 5 mine from a previous marriage of 22 years and two are his from a previous marriage . I've raised his two kids for the past 5 years even tho they are all adults now . I am just devastated to say the least . I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone . I'm stuck and can't leave yet as he's also put me into a huge debt with taxes . I don't know and don't like the person I'm married to but am so stuck right now . Hoping to win the lottery so I can get the eff out of here .

if you had tracked her with HelloSpy, I think you would better now

I hear you, this happened to me too, I literally lost my 2 kids, she got to keep them, I got to pay child support that she also spent on her lovers but at the end of the day, I got remarried to a nicer, younger, prettier and far more decent woman with morals. My ex now is alone, old and bitter but yes unfortunately the law is all pro-women although they may not necessarily be the best for the kids, trust me I KNOW and today I have a very distant relationship with my grown up kids but with my second wife I have a wonderful 10 year old and I could not be happier. Earlier this year I saw my ex at my son's fiancee's funeral and I actually felt sorry for that woman despite all the hurt, etc.. so my recommendation to you,is heal yourself and move on, your kids will grow up and you need to make a life for YOURSELF and yes, I am an advocate for changing the p.whipped laws of the USA when it comes to child support, women getting everything although they are the ones destroying the home, their kids, etc...

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I understand Your anger and pain. If You can't forgive Your wife for cheating You might turn into a very angry, resentful and bitter person. Don't let this wreck Your entire personality. Use the anger to be strong and rebuild Your life. A relationship breakup like this can take up to 2 years to get past. Don't worry about what You did, didn't, could've, should've done. Cheaters cheat regardless. If You can look deeply inside Your own heart and truly forgive her in, Your own mind and soul You will release Yourself from the guilt and pain and be free. Kids don't need to be worrying about who did what in a marriage break up. Spend quality time with them when You see them, and let them know You have forgiven their mother and moved on. Set the example, rise above this hate fest. I know this is hard and it will take time and faith in Yourself. Be civil to Your wife, show the world it takes more than the heartless act of infidelity to bring a good man down. You will get through this ;)

I don't believe that not forgiving them makes you more angry not at all .
It's easier to put them out of your mind and watch them fall or be alone that's bittersweet karma .
I'm not an angry person , I've just chosen to move on in my life .
When you watch your family hurt and be destroyed because some one else makes a decision for the family you can't forgive that as you watch your kids grow and go through the results of a divorce ( it's not always pretty ).
There is light at the end of the tunnel hang in there

Wow, that's some painful sh*t you're going through. Keep your kids safe and you'll get through this.

So true

Thanks for sharing your story, it gives me strength to hear someone's else view on the subject that is the same as mine. I just found out that my husband cheated on me last year around this time, and I am so devastated by it. If I were on my own, I would be gone in a second but we have three kids, all under the age of 6. they all love him and would be completely destroyed if the family broke up. He wants to stay together but I don't think I can have any self respect left if I stay with him. And just like you said i don't think he should have the right to be a part our family anymore since he really didn't respect it in the first place. Thanks again for sharing your point of veiw.

Feel better now?