I Am Not Cheating.  I Use...

I am not cheating.  I used to cheat, but I don't now.  I never was a cheater and the only time I did it before I was hurt was because I was curious.  After my first fiance left me, I did it to get even with the world (dispite the fact that those guys didn't deserve it).  When I met my current fiance, everything changed.  Even though we have bent the rules a little for each other, I have never broken them and I hope he hasn't either.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2007

What does bent the rules mean? I am glad that you ar eno longer a cheater, great job!

Thanks :D It's so difficult these days to find someone monogamous that shares the same morals and values that the other does. Hardly anyone upholds any kind of moral structure :(

good girl...