My Cheating Husband Is Going Out With a Bang, Mine

almost a year ago my husband  of 10 years, became distant and nit picking everything about me and our marriage, to the point of one day telling me he wanted a divorce. I was in emotional hell, wondering what I had done to cause this. I was at the point of loosing my sanity because I loved him so much . I loved our marriage, our family and our life. He would tell me we were different people, I wasn't as caring to him as I used to be, I wasn't this or that. Putting all the blame for his behavior onto me. Little did I know he was just recounting his own behavior.

One day my husband was on a business trip and I got a late night call from an old girlfriend of my husbands. She basically spilled the beans about how their affair had been going on for over a year. She now felt regret and did not want to ruin her marriage. She gave me some song and dance about how it started out as old buds reconnecting.. yeah right...and progressed to them rekindling the old flame. She was feeling quilty and wanted me to know that she was ending it because it had gone to far and she was afraid of loosing her marriage. But she thought I should know about my husbands actions, " so that I could fix my marriage".I cried my self to sleep every night that my husband was gone but did not say a word to him about the exposure. I tried to be the perfect wife to him. Showing him ALL the love I had for him. Trying so hard to make up for any slight I may have done to contribute to his straying.

He was being his cold and distant self, only saying I love you when I would say it. This has gone on for months. I have not said a word. I love my husband and wanted out marriage to work. After all we are all human, right?  So many times I have wondered if I should know about my husband, maybe her husband should know about his wife.  My husband is hurtful to me, yelling at me for bullshit stuff and trying so hard to make me feel bad. He tells me I am a horrible mother and wife. I have to say that before and even more now I have tried so hard to be a great mother and wife. He could not aske for a better wife. Because I love him so much and have for allthe years we have known each other.

Well the end to that has come.  Our youngest daughter got hurt at school while my husband was on a business trip. My phone calls, texts and emails went unanswered for two days. His concern was over whelming..not. His selfishness was tolerable until it started to effect our kids.  I am done. I am going to end our marriage in a most fantastic way.

My husband is scheduled to go on a business trip during our childrens spring break. I am sending them to his mothers for that week. He is due back on that Wednesday..and boy will he have a surprise when he returns home.

I have contacted one of my old boyfriends to help me with this.. He is more than willing and he was always a good lay when I was dating him years ago. He has consented to having sex with me and video tapping it. He had always like taking pictures of me giving him head or in a sexy nighty

When my husband gets home he will walk in on me watching that video. He will get his wish. He can have on a silver platter his old girlfriend, who screwed around on him..or anyone else he chooses. If he can be so stupid to throw away what was once a wonderful marriage and life. I certainly want him to have a lasting impression of the same kind of thoughts I have been struggling through. But I want his to be more visual than the insanity of the ones going through my head about his torrid affair.

Since I have become so angry now I have gathered all the emails from this women to my husband and from my husband to her, All the phone records of their conversations. I think they would make a nice present for her husband. She and my soon to be ex can live happily ever after, cheating on each other.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Just seduce him and put him in a chastity device, tie him to a chair and make him watch you ride your bf nice and slow, choose several lovers and make him your cuckold, you will get his attention then!

Don't do it. You will suffer for your actions. I thought about doing this also. I just can't really lower myself that much. I was always a good wife. Regaurdless of what ever he did; I can't follow thru.

did you go through with it?