I Have Cheated

I have also cheated and I cant help it but I want to do it again. I dont think that i am the faithful type but that is because I have never been able to live. I do feel bad in a way but then I think about how he ha cheated on me in the past so I let it go from there.
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3 Responses Feb 3, 2007

everyone has their reasons to cheat. Know why your doing it..if it's for revenge, payback or just for pure pleasure. i wish you the best.

So how have things been for you two since last May? Did the counseling and opening up really work for you

Aside from other morality issues, I think that extra-marital affairs will make you feel guilty if they evolve telling lies (which I think is worse than cheating). <br />
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If you cheated just for revenge, then you have used your lover for that and I doubt that person knew you were using them except for sex. <br />
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Think how you would feel if told your husband about your difficulty with monogamy before hand and then he opened up on his own cheating. I think you would feel much better now.