I am getting married in 2 months... I have kissed 2 other guys one this weeked, after drinking wayyyy to much alcohol. I know that I shouldn't drink that much because I wouldn't normally do such a bad thing otherwise. I am scared that my fiance' is going to find out about this second time. I don't want to tell him I told him about the first time and It almost killed him. I'm scared and don't know what to do! I love my fiance' and I dont want to lose him, and I know thats dumb because if I loved him that much why would I do something so horrible. I don't know what to do any advice?

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Did you ever tell him, did you get married?

I guess I would have to ask if this is in your blood? Are you attracted to other men? If so you may not be, or may never be ready for a committed relationship. Ihave been down this road and although it was fun at the time people get hurt everytime. Make sure you want a manogamous relationship before you marry someone who expects that as part of marrige. There are those of us who have made lifestyle adjustments or are married to people with the same instincts, but I feel that people in general do nto change. That would be you and your future husband. You are who you are and he is who he is. Look before you leap

Nothing personal iscrewupalot but that is TERRIBLE advice! Alcohol brings with it a good dose of truth and the truth is: You are young. So very young. And if these incidents aren't warning signs for things to come, then I will munch on my dirty underwear! If you really love this guy and feel that life without him in it would be unbearable, then at least delay this wedding. If its right in two months, it will be right in 6. Or a year later. Marriage is a complex formula that also includes a very important ingredient: Time. And at your age it is on your side. So calm down. Take it easy. No stress. Play it smart. And just postpone this thing until you can discover what is really going on with you and your soon to be spouse. Best of luck to you.

If you actually regret it then dont tell him. <br />
why pass the burden on to him just to make yourself feel better? live with it and start new aftrer getting married.