I Live With What I Did Every Day

I had a boyfriend of over 4 years. Till a month ago when i cheated on him. And i have to say it was not worth it but it was not my frist time. I am not saying that i was not happy i was but i like the feeling that i can get caught untill i did. He has caught me doing other stuff with guys but not having sex. And the worse part is that they were his friends. One of them is his best friend and we have sex everytime me met noing that my boyfriend was in the other room that did not stop me. And i wont to no why? But it did not start out that way. It started when he brought in one of his friends to have sex with and i did not wont to but i do as i am told. So i did and it did not stop there another friend and more. And then i just took it to far by doing it with out him. But i could not stop it was so much fun and it felt so good to. But not as good as my boyfriend. I love him so much. And all i wont is to be with him but i do not think i can stop sometimes that is all i think of. I have so many stories that i need to tell someone. I feel so bad that i have hurt him and in the long term i hurt myself to.

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Did he bring in one, or a few, if I read correctly, of his friends to have sex with you? And he was watching?

Dear Just need help,<br />
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Your boy friend is using you for all wrong reasons and all the friends will be bragging about the act between them.<br />
It is all well enacted with your boy friend bragging with his friends how good he is or you are in bed. They might have asked him for a lay from you so you were thrown to them.<br />
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For your own good get out of this **** and concentrate on your future. You are too youn for this.<br />
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God bless you<br />
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