I Am A Total Hypocrite...

I always cringe at other people's spelling errors in posts and stories. "Why so sloppy?" I think. But I can be just as guilty. I am a terrible typist and sometimes in a chat or in a comment, I hit "enter" before I check my own work. Ugh! Look what I did! Yep, I'm a hypocrite for judging...

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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Ah, but there is a different between one or two minor errors, as compared with an endless stream of misused, poorly punctuated, improperly capitalized, misspelled so-called english! It's enough to make one cringe! I think those of us that HAVE the ability to use proper grammar can understand the difference between an occasional slip-up, vs. a fundamental lack of understanding of the English language!
Stick to your guns, man!!