I have to say..I do check other guys out in locker rooms..and in bathrooms..Love to see their ***** in the flaccid state and wonder how large they would get.. A few weeks ago, I was at the airport and had to use the mens room. I walked in and there were a few guys at the urinals. I looked for a one to use and there was a guy taking a **** next to me..He had his hands behind his back and his **** was hanging out of his pants. It was huge. It was hanging down as he pissed in the urinal. He had a big mushroom head. He knew I was looking and was making sure I had a good view. Should have reached over but was too nervous..I let him get a view of mine and zipped up and said..Thanks..
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Hot story! I'm straight but still always check out other guys and get pretty turned at times.