Ever Watched The Film,single White Female.

I ,loved cycling but i need friends to go with so i advertised on Gumtree.
I came across this girl with similar interest,i contacted her and we  chatted and became cycling buddies.
We had lots of fun cycling,but it came to the stage,she started to stalk me,she wanted to no what i was doing and what i was thinking,it got spokie,she was playing on my mind and i found it difficult to cope.
She text me during the night,first thing in the morning daft things like,i am working all week,what you doing.I send messages on my face book asking  friends if they fancy a cycle and she write comments like people are working,have'nt got time for you.
I made friends with enougher friend and i introduced them,the next mintue she nicking friends,she move in on them,when she introduced me to her friends she be little me,she would not let me,talk to them she acted really strange and she'd be nasty.

I found it all so upsetting,i ended our friendship,saying i was fedup with her options and leave me alone,my other friend left went to Mexico.

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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

That's kinda freaky. You never know who is going to answer an add you put out, no matter what it's for! I'm amazed that you put up with her behavior as long as you did! She sound's strange. I don't blame you for ending the relationship. Good for you! Now hopefully you don't have to look over your shoulder every other minute...it's unfortunate that some people are like this. *Hugs*