Don't Be A Creeper!

I gotta check it out first. No way am i gonna add someone like, just out of the blue without taking a look. If your like 50 and up aha nope not adding you. Like, only people that are like,ages 13-30 thats about it, unless your really cool lol. Plus, i wanna know who i'm talking to first. I mean, you can try to add me, I might try talking to you, so i can get to know you. I'll add you then talk to you, but like, you could talk first before trying to add me =]
I mean, i'm not saying "I DON'T WANT FRIENDS!" I mean, thats what i'm looking for, new friends, new people =] i'm a loving person!
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18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

xD i know i know. I like to talk to older people more like...18 or so, cuz i'm more mature for my age =]<br />
But like, some i hate cuz you know theres the weirdos out there that are like...34 and are like "show me a naked picture of you" O.O

Lol, that happened to me once. Creeps out there are weird. lol

Anybody who is a new EP member who these creeps have never hit before gets these sad or sick messages. I got them when I first joined. Their big thing was "pulling down your panties and spanking you" when I never gave them the liberty to ask me such questions. I began deleting these jerks when they wrote me without reading their posts (you usually can tell by the title what they want to talk about) and blocking them when they persisted. That is the only SURE way of getting them to leave you alone. Writing a "I don't want" post is fine as far as it goes,,,but there are always the hard-core hardheads who ignore your words or say "Oh, he (she) doesn't mean ME!" and plunge ahead.Trust me - deletion and blocking is the only way.


Good for you! Smart kid!

it, like, cuts both ways, youngster. ;-) lol