Yes I Do...

Usually I am the one adding someone before they add me. But I don't do it until after I see what kind of groups you belong to, and how many stories you have posted. I read your stories, and if I feel they are credible or interesting, I will comment on them. If I feel we may have something in common I will add you. Whether you add me or not, is your choice.
For those times that someone has added me first, I still check your profile the same way. But I have only added 2 or 3 people who added me first. Most of the ones who have added me are into things that I can not bring myself to agree with. So, I don't judge, but I don't add them.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I've started doing the same thing recently. Actually, I need to clean my circle out a little bit...I just feel a little guilty doing it:P

Oh thanks you just made me feel special I think I added you first! I just loved your big happy smily face but I did check out the profile too. I personally feel you are a very lovely man xx