I Enjoy Talking, Not A Random Add.

Here's the deal. When I add someone I add them because we have something in common. I talk to the people on my friends list. I don't like add and forget. I also make sure that your personality is one that is somewhat beneficial. If all you talk about is adult life style, video games, camping, or cribbage I'm not going to be much fun. Nor are you going to be much fun for me.

My tastes vary greatly. I study everything from quantum physics and multiple string theory to how sugar is made. I read history of every kind along with the ancient Greek mathematical music theory. I even get into politics and government looking at and reading laws. Did you know it's illegal to sell bologna on Sunday in Tennessee?

I don't want to add someone and never hear from them again. Those people will stay in the fan base. If you just enjoy reading my posts that's fine. If you want to be a friend it takes a bit of commitment as any friendship takes. I'm not running a popularity contest. I'm here to talk to people who are as interested in me as I am them.
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Thanks for the comments. Glad you liked it.