Court 2

went to court yesterday, got a civil restrianing order against me, not as bad as what my wife had wanted all it does is keep me away from her and thats good! she came to court without a lawyer and i had mine so she didnt know what to do, she agreeed to the civil thing but then turned and said i had came by her house and she had a witness, just happen to be with her walking her dog, think its her boyfreind dont have proof of that, anyway now i have to keep a journal of what i do because i know shes going to try to get me in trouble, just wish she would leave me alone, another well written story from me,
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thank you. i will be careful but i dont like to have to do this

I'm really glad that it went well but you gotta keep a journal as you say. And do keep contact with any witness at every important moment if possible. And make your daily activities a routine so it doesn't become much too suspicious. My dad was once tailed by the police for a decade, and that's what he did. Eg, he made saturday 7.00pm a dinner out with family and it was always at the same place. I still remember that place very well in fact, and the food was really good... ok sorry back here. Just do be careful yea?

thank you and hope to find that peace soon god know i need it

Good on you for facing it and doing so prepared. Now uphold your end of the bargain and you should begin to find peace. Good luck!

thank you so much

It's good to see you again here with us...I hope you can close this page from your life and start new one, full with positive things, drop the bad and start over......<br />
Very Good Luck to you, and again welcome back... :)

that you very much and me to

wow, well I hope everything works out for you, and she quits lying to get you into trouble.

you need a gps for EP<br />
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i want thanks freind, yes always in the wrong place at the wrong time lol

Yes, and again posted in the wrong group. i don't know. We have to get you a hand book of the different. groups. of course, i am not sure what group this would fit into maybe something concerning divorc or separtation.<br />
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The good news is you did in court than expected. But do as asked, and just don't be where your wife is. It is just not worth it.<br />
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