Heres the rules...
No urine, diapers or crap groups, unless they're hate groups.
I dont want to add you if your over 70, a guy, and most of your groups are about ******* everything that moves, you should be in a retiring home.
Pretty much, because i cant be ****** writing down what SHOULD be obvious, i dont add perverts.
**** off guys!
I only add the nice ones, the ones that are my friends.
brogan16 brogan16
18-21, F
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I'm 40, want to chat?

Well, sounds like you lacked discipline growing up.

I think you might be a little ****** up yourself - not all older people are pedo - try and open your mind

well said. its nice to see a young woman who sticks to her guns. bravo!

Seems reasonable.

Can't say my mind is the most spic & span on the Western hemisphere, but I try to keep things tasteful...<br />
I am also rather broad-minded, but I agree there's a limit to a few things... It's not because I am broad-minded that folks need to come drop off some of their suspicious looking "packages" on my pavement...<br />
So, yes, I fully understand you : )

Hey I liked your rules I thought it was kind of funny but in a good way. You cant be to careful now a days. I'm not a perv just comenting you "Blocked" story I dont ask to be added if people want to add me they can and if I ask them to add me and they dont its ok.

Hes already my friend, hes a nice guy. ^_^<br />
It does **** me off though, all of the old pedos. I dont bite friends, but pedos are a different story. >_>

I'm glad I'm under 70 then :) I like your profile picture.

Its disgusting. Why are you commenting on all my stories anyway? <br />
I dont need your ****** up views.

Hehe, thanks Charlie. :3<br />

*hides red dot*<br />
Yeah.... if i see anyone on sunlovas case ya gonna have ta deal with ME first..... then AFTER you kill me you can move onto her....<br />
No... wait.... thats not right....

I will laugh about this for days.... <br />
funny how you can almost feel the anger/frustration/exhaustion in the words... like poetry