This is to all you major pervs out there......I do not want to see your penis or have anything to do with your disgusting and explicite sex groups.....You disgust me.....If this is what you are about DO NOT bother to become my fan or friend me.......IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!
Brunhild Brunhild
36-40, F
6 Responses Sep 3, 2011

I am getting to the point of posting a statement like this in huge bold letters........Lately, I get perve always wanting on my list, today, a "couple" tried......EEEWWWW

Yeah.....EEEWWWW is the right word....

is that you or someone elses picture? Very pretty and yah I hate those perverts too.I am afraid that many are led astray on line where there are hundreds manybe thousands of perverts .I block them right away.

Could'nt agree more, it just p's me off getting the adds from freaks like that. They are free I realise to post what ever they want that is their right. Just as it is my right to ob<x>ject to it and want no part of those groups or idividuals.

I completely agree.....You said it much better than I....:)

I am not a pervert, I am a Provert (perverts are amateurs) But I never post pics of my Johnson, for one most computer screens aren't big enough (JK)

Hahahahaha......I appreciate your humor.....I think my favorite part is "perverts are amateurs"....:)

Thank you so much for your comment on my story..and even though..I may be more in touch with my sexuality then most..I believe we have a lot in common..when come to speaking out our mind and true beings..I planning on Leaving EP.. only because I thought it would be a place of speak out my sexual fantasy's ..but in stead..I feel repressed by curtain individualizes...Whom can't even conceive what freedom of speech means..I hope before i leave i can be friends with least i can walk away..with one good thing...your friendship and your blessings :)

I checked out your profile and I have nothing against you......I'm talking about the ones with the really nasty stuff like, "I want to have sex with my step daughter".....That is not only sick but offensive also.....Your profile does not offend me......I am not a prude, I lived around sailors for 18 years and can keep up with them pretty well......I would have no problem being your friend.......:)

Well said, my friend, some "guns" are beter in their 'case'. !