I Check You Out

I do check out your profile. It doesn't mean I will reciprocate. I would like my friends to have a range of experiences, not just sex. If that's all you're interested in, then I'm not interested.
Nor am I fan of any of the otherĀ  pee and poo fetishes. I use the toilet, but I do feel sorry for those with genuine incontinence problems.
Becnme Becnme
56-60, F
10 Responses Sep 3, 2011

pls do

I sooooooooo agree!

Do you keep "checking me out" or does the site keep sending me daily notices??

I just have a look at your profile before I add you to my circle. Your activity then appears on my circle's activity list.

That is a good practice. I do to when I receive a notice someone wants to become a fan.

:)) thank you for checking me out....and letting me in :)

My pleasure

I like fishing as well as sex, does that count ...lol....

hahaha...errrr .....no

I just want to be friends with mature women close to my age, that can be open and chat about life.

agree completely :)

I am with you, this is what I do when others add me to there circle.

Me too my friend. I like a range of topics and some like yours I just will not go along with.<br />
<br />
Be safe.