Not really, but I do wany to know something about you. Do we have any experiences in common already? If not, are there some on your proifile that fascinate me enough to want to join those groups? What kind of stories have you written? Have you written any at all? And lastly, what kind of comments on your leaving? & What are others saying about you? Some of this, and sometimes all of this helps me better get to know you so that I can start getting to know you!
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I appreciate all types of people and before I add them I look at their groups and their stories. Some I find obsess with the world of sex and ***********. Those are always a no go. But I like diversity and new thoughts even If I don't agree or share similar views. It helps me grow so I add them. They all have something to say and we all can grow by listening.

Makes a lot of sense to me. I do the same ;-)

I knew you were an intelligent woman!...(*Hugs*)