Because I Can

I guess I'm a bit picky with all the adding stuff. It's nothing personal, but as I know how bad I'm in both making and keeping online friends, it would be weird to have a ridiculously wrong friends list.

It may seem like complete madness, and I have to admit that it often is. I get vibes from people. But in cases it isn't, it's because I checked the profile and didn't find it in tune with me and my interests. It doesn't mean you are creepy or have something wrong with you, I just didn't feel like pushing that button. There is other people who would be better company to you, and I won't (or at least I try not to) string anyone along just to appear polite.

The first thing I look in a profile is whether or not they have stories. Then I read a few. This might sound prude, but if there is a lot of text speak or heavy dialect, I will probably skip. I will also skip if they don't have any stories. I like reading them, and keeping a track what they have written is the main reason I do the add thingy.

The other thing is their experiences. If they are all about one thing, whatever it might be, I will probably skip. It's hard to explain, but I'm usually interested in a person as whole. Like a stalker, I want to know everything, not just about a certain fetish or a hobby.

Then there is the thing about messages that is constantly bugging my little brain. I like getting them, who wouldn't? But if a person I've never had any contact with says 'hi' and leaves it at that... I have no idea what to say, so I don't say anything. I might have missed a dozen or more interesting discussions, but it just feels to plain weird to just say 'hi' or 'hi, I'm doing well, and you?' to a stranger. In my world discussions have a topic. If the other person doesn't tell the topic, am I supposed to come up with one?

I feel a bit of a ***** now. But those are just the things I have done in here so far, so I guess it's nothing new. Just putting it up as a warning, so people won't be surprised when they come across with my attitude.
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2012